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-[[acq:edi_fields|EDI Fields used in Evergreen]] +[[acq:home|ACQ Home]] 
-[[acq:functions|Acquisitions/Serials Module]]+ 
 +**[[acq:interest-group|Acquisitions Interest Group]]**\\ 
 +  * [[acq:minutes|Minutes and Agendas]] 
 +[[acq:resources|Community Resources]] 
 +[[acq:reports|Community Report Templates]] 
 +[[acq:bugs|Acq Bug Info]] 
 +  * [[acq:edi_fields|EDI Fields used in Evergreen]]\\ 
 +  * [[acq:edi_primer|EDI Primer]]\\ 
 +  [[acq:functions|Acquisitions/Serials Module]]
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