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 ======SuperCat and Feed Examples====== ======SuperCat and Feed Examples======
 +**NOTE:** This documentation is also available in the Evergreen documentation at 
 +<del>In github:</del>(no longer available)
 =====Record types===== =====Record types=====
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 Similar to the OCLC xISBN service, Evergreen can return a list of related records based on its oISBN algorithm: Similar to the OCLC xISBN service, Evergreen can return a list of related records based on its oISBN algorithm:
-  http://<hostname>/opac/extras/osibn/<ISBN>+  http://<hostname>/opac/extras/oisbn/<ISBN>
-For example, returns:<code xml><idlist metarecord="302670">+For example, returns:<code xml><idlist metarecord="302670">
   <isbn record="250060">0790783525</isbn>   <isbn record="250060">0790783525</isbn>
   <isbn record="20717">0736691316</isbn>   <isbn record="20717">0736691316</isbn>
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   http://<hostname>/opac/extras/supercat/retrieve/<format>/<record-type>/<bib-ID>   http://<hostname>/opac/extras/supercat/retrieve/<format>/<record-type>/<bib-ID>
-For example, returns:<code>+For example, returns:<code>
 <mods:modsCollection version="3.0"> <mods:modsCollection version="3.0">
   <mods:mods xsi:schemaLocation="">   <mods:mods xsi:schemaLocation="">
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 //feed-type// can be one of atom, html, htmlholdings, marcxml, mods, mods3, or rss2. //feed-type// can be one of atom, html, htmlholdings, marcxml, mods, mods3, or rss2.
-For example,
 +=====Return a feed or page of recently created items=====
 +You can generate a similar list, with the added ability to limit by Org Unit, using the item-age browse axis.
 +To produce an RSS feed by item date rather than bib date, and to restrict it to a particular system within a consortium:
 +  * //ARL-BOG// should be the short name of the org unit you're interested in
 +  * //1// is the page (since you are browsing through pages of results)
 +  * //10// is the number of results to return per page
 +Modifying the 'atom' portion of the URL to 'atom-full' will include catalog links in the results: 
 +Modifying the 'atom' portion of the URL to 'html-full' will produce an HTML page that is minimally formatted: 
 =====Browse records===== =====Browse records=====
 SuperCat can browse records in HTML and XML formats: SuperCat can browse records in HTML and XML formats:
-  * http://<hostname>/opac/extras/supercat/browse/<format>/call_number/<org_unit>/<call_number> 
-For example, returns:<code xml><hold:volumes xmlns:hold=''>+  http://<hostname>/opac/extras/supercat/browse/<format>/call_number/<org_unit>/<call_number> 
 +For example, returns:<code xml><hold:volumes xmlns:hold=''>
   <hold:volume id=",2008:asset-call_number/130607" lib="FRRLS-FA" label="GUTCHEON BETH">   <hold:volume id=",2008:asset-call_number/130607" lib="FRRLS-FA" label="GUTCHEON BETH">
     <act:owning_lib id=",2008:actor-org_unit/111" name="Fayette County Public Library"/>     <act:owning_lib id=",2008:actor-org_unit/111" name="Fayette County Public Library"/>
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   http://<hostname>/opac/extras/supercat/formats/<record-type>   http://<hostname>/opac/extras/supercat/formats/<record-type>
-For example, returns:<code xml>+For example, returns:<code xml>
 <formats> <formats>
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