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-====== Staff Client Distribution Methods ====== 
-These are a few different ways Evergreen administrators are distributing and managing the staff clients. 
-===== Client on a stick (pine cones) MVLC ===== 
-Jason Stephenson: We're distributing Evergreen clients to our member libraries on USB sticks. These will have a clickable, ready to run client pre-configured with the server address and a pre-registered workstation. There will also be a windows-executable installer if they want to install onto their workstation. That won't be pre-registered, but it will have the server pre-populated. Going to put them in delivery after the US holiday weekend (2010). Just so everyone can groan, we call them "pine cones." 
-Thomas Berezansky: - 
-Each flash drive will have a standalone evergreen client (windows) that stores everything (including profile) on the drive and an installer for installing on machines. Each one will be pre-registered too. With xulrunner auto-updates. 
-90% of the work is "make a custom frontend launcher that adds a 'force use this profile' command line option". Then put the last_ws_server and ws_info files into place using a bash script //(Anoop Atre - share code?)//. LOADING the sticks is a different story, as is labeling them. 
-I do include an autorun.inf, but it is used (or ignored) differently on each version of windows we have kicking around. 
-For the record, my "make a launcher" bit was "make a .bat file to run 'evergreen.exe -profile openils' then run a .bat to .exe converter to make it an exe". I can better document this if people want, though. 
-===== Client management using WPKG TADL ===== 
-Jeff Godin uses WPKG to install and manage staff clients. 
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