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Evergreen 2013 hackfest ideas

Add ideas here, feel free to coordinate times with others.

Note the structure of the Hackfest at - there's a morning "Install fest / Intro to devs" and an afternoon hackfest. Let's try to group the introductory material at the start and the wacky hack ideas for the afternoon?

Morning: Install fest / intro to devs

Idea Bug link Time / timeslot Interested people Notes
Testing & sign-off walkthrough: learn how to help get new code into the next release 1 hour / Morning
TPAC hacking basics 1 hour / Morning dbs
TPAC: Allow URLs in marc field 856 to be used lp1133464 ?? paxed, dbs Probably should follow the "TPAC hacking basics" bit
Move OS-based prerequisites to own Makefile.install 2hr Dyrcona, dbs Split Makefile.install into separate files for Debian, Fedora, etc. Both Evergreen and OpenSRF
Building development images on Ubuntu. 1hr Dyrcona If anyone is interested, I can show them what I do to make development VMs and install evergreen.
Write example unit tests, structured in a way that enables them to participate in a test framework. The whole day schan_yvr There are three prototypical set of unit tests to write, based on the languages Javascript, Perl, and PL/pgSQL. The unit tests would serve as examples for developers to write their own to accompany their contributing fixes and features. dbs says There are existing Perl tests in Open-ILS/src/perlmods/t/, Python unit tests in OpenSRF src/python/tests, Dojo unit tests in OpenSRF src/javascript/tests, and C tests in OpenSRF tests that might serve as useful jumping-off points.

Afternoon: hacking for fun and fame (or infamy)

Idea Bug link Time / timeslot Interested people Notes
Explore retiring for new data. IRC talk 1hr berick
More Sample data (like concerto, etc.) for testing E.g. lp1155771 2hr berick, wolf29
Improving auth security / bcrypt / etc 2hr berick, dbs More like planning than development, but maybe..
Looking at the sql behind reports 1 hr wolf29 I want to know how to develop and share report templates from the database side
Put nose to grindstone and push out some pgTap tests 2hr gmcharlt
Moving attributes out of hstore into relational tables 2 hr ktomita
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