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 +====== Evergreen and OpenSRF development ======
 This is the start of the dev: namespace. This is the start of the dev: namespace.
-Recommended reading:+  * [[dev:​code_repositories|Known sources and branches of Evergreen code]] 
 +  * [[dev:​new_developer_wishlist|Wish list of documentation needed for new developers]] 
 +**[[dev:​2017_new_tools|Potential replacement of Launchpad in 2017]]** 
 +===== Processes ===== 
 +  * [[dev:​process:​adding_new_committer|Process for adding a new core committer]] 
 +===== Recommended reading ​=====
   * [[:​contributing|Procedures and conventions for contributing to the Evergreen project]]   * [[:​contributing|Procedures and conventions for contributing to the Evergreen project]]
 +Dan Scott has been working on an excellent developer'​s tutorial, located here: [[http://​​~denials/​]]
   * [[dev:​glossary|Dev Glossary]]   * [[dev:​glossary|Dev Glossary]]
   * [[:​code_formatting_standards|draft code formatting standards]]   * [[:​code_formatting_standards|draft code formatting standards]]
 +Semi-regular developer meetings have been taking place on IRC. See [[dev:​meetings]] for agendas, minutes.
 OpenSRF: OpenSRF:
 +  * [[dev:​opensrf_roadmap|OpenSRF Roadmap]]
   * [[osrf-devel:​user_s_guide]]   * [[osrf-devel:​user_s_guide]]
   * [[osrf-devel:​primer]]   * [[osrf-devel:​primer]]
   * [[http://​​blog/?​p=21]]   * [[http://​​blog/?​p=21]]
   * [[http://​​blog/?​p=36]]   * [[http://​​blog/?​p=36]]
 +===== Developer Environment Custom Build Scripts =====
 +Many developers find it necessary to automate the process of building and installing the Evergreen server (and its dependencies). Some of them have [[server_installation:​semi_automated|shared their work]], and you are invited to make your own contributions. ​ These efforts could possibly be used as a basis for creating a cleaner Evergreen server installer using systems such as cfengine, Chef or Puppet.
 +===== Evergreen Releases ======
 +Evergreen is on a time-based release schedule, with two major releases planner per year in March and September.
 +   * [[dev:​release_process:​schedule|Evergreen release schedule and End of Life Policy]].
 +   * [[:​versioning|Evergreen versioning scheme]]
 +===== External Resources =====
 +  * [[https://​​en/​XUL_School|XUL School Tutorial]]
 +  * [[http://​​wiki/​Tuning_Your_PostgreSQL_Server|Tuning A PostgreSQL Server]]
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