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Circulation Behavior

I'm using the term circulation behavior to refer to such things as loan duration, fine amounts and intervals, number of renewals, and whether circulation is even allowed given arbitrary criteria. You can configure such behavior using either server-side Javascript, "matrix" tables in the database, or (at some point in the future) a combination of the two. A GUI for the in-db tables approach is being developed and may be found in some form in the staff client application under Admin -> Local Administration.

Rule Tables

Certain types of behavior ultimately come down to a handful of rule tables in the database. The goal of both the circ scripts and the alternative matrix tables is to pick rows from those rule tables. In older versions of Evergreen, you would configure these tables with the "Open-ILS Bootstrapping Scripts", under "Circulation and Holds Rules". This interface lives by default at http://hostname/cgi-bin/config.cgi FIXME I thought all of the Bootstrapping interfaces were deprecated and replaced with "Conify" interfaces, but I can't find any for the config.rules tables.

Circulation Duration (config.rule_circ_duration)

Recurring Fine Levels (config.rule_recuring_fine)

Max Fine Levels (config.rule_max_fine)

Item Age Hold Protection (config.rule_age_hold_protect)

Circ Scripts

In-db Circ Matrix

FIXME Someone else can tackle this one.

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