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  • 2010/06/03 11:11 evergreen-admin:policies add -u to the basic instructions miker (current)
  • 2009/02/26 16:19 Show differences to current revisions evergreen-admin:policies Geoff had trouble with sudo here. Should we suggest proximity mapping too with the autogen? phasefx
  • 2008/04/10 13:30 evergreen-admin:policies kcollier
  • 2007/12/05 15:25 evergreen-admin:policiesChanged name of heading kcollier
  • 2007/12/05 13:51 evergreen-admin:policiesRe-ordered the subtopics on this page, and added to the overview. kcollier
  • 2007/12/05 13:25 evergreen-admin:policiesContent from was moved here to consolidate the info in one place. kcollier
  • 2007/11/30 17:03 evergreen-admin:policiesBased on what was moved from evergreen-admin: policies: autogen kcollier
  • 2007/11/30 16:58 evergreen-admin:policiesThe notes page doesn't need to be linked to, as the information has been moved to this page, higher up. kcollier
  • 2007/11/30 16:57 evergreen-admin:policiesCopied two links found on another page that had the same list. kcollier
  • 2007/11/30 16:50 evergreen-admin:policiesMoved info here from evergreen-admin: policies: notes kcollier
  • 2007/11/30 16:41 evergreen-admin:policiesMoved info here from evergreen-admin: policies: notes kcollier
  • 2007/11/30 16:36 evergreen-admin:policiesGrouping and reorganizing. Divided the page into subsections. I intend to move information from several pages scattered throughout the wiki into those sections, and point the pages the information orginated on to this page. kcollier
  • 2007/11/30 15:30 evergreen-admin:policiesAdded system permission editing, which appears in lists of policies elsewhere kcollier
  • 2006/01/08 05:36 evergreen-admin:policies kcollier
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