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     - Check-in - How is everyone doing?     - Check-in - How is everyone doing?
     - Quick report on Antora progress     - Quick report on Antora progress
 +    - Docs Launchpad Bugs need signoffs: [[https://​​evergreen/​+bug/​1642023|1642023]],​ [[https://​​evergreen/​+bug/​1487123|1487123]]
     - We will catch up on most action items and other business at the next DIG meeting     - We will catch up on most action items and other business at the next DIG meeting
     -      - 
     - Anything else pressing?     - Anything else pressing?
-  - Collaboration time - focus on 3.5 and experimental catalog documentation+  - Collaboration/​Working ​time 
 +    ​Some ideas for things to work on
 +      - your own priority projects 
 +      - finishing ​3.5 docs 
 +      - experimental catalog ​docs 
 +      - cleaning up old docs tickets on Launchpad 
 +      - finding docs tickets on Launchpad to work on 
 +      - easy tasks from [[evergreen-docs:​documentation_needs|Documentation Needs List]] 
 +      - auditing and removing finished or irrelevant items from the Documentation Needs List and/or adding 3.5 documentation ​needs 
 +      - still-relevant items from the Documentation Needs List (be sure to assign yourself to it so we don't duplicate work) 
 +      - documentation-related short videos for the community [[https://​​channel/​UC83L8WyXoj8Kf9hShdDY61A|YouTube channel]] 
 +      - looking through existing docs for things that need updating - text and/or images
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