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Submitting Documentation Bugs in Launchpad (DRAFT)

The Documentation Interest Group (DIG) is exploring the use of Launchpad to track documentation needs for the Evergreen project. Please follow the below guidelines for Launchpad documentation bugs.

  1. Submit documentation needs at
  2. Add a documentation tag to all Launchpad bugs related to documentation. When submitting the bug, you need to click the "Extra options" link to add a tag.
  3. The following tags correspond to chapter headings for the official Evergreen documentation. These tags can be used to identify which section of the docs needs updating.
    • installation
    • configuration
    • staffclient
    • sysadmin
    • localadmin
    • acq
    • cataloging
    • serials
    • circulation
    • reports
    • opac
    • developer
  4. Small documentation needs (typos, corrections, functionality that can be described in one paragraph) can be identified with a bitesize-doc tag.
  5. Milestones will not be used for documentation bugs. What about statuses and importance? Should we have people use the Assigned To field to indicate that they are working on a particular doc?
  6. When documentation is complete, it can be added to the Launchpad bug. The preferred format for documentation is AsciiDoc.
  7. When the documentation has been committed to the Evergreen repository, the status of the bug should be changed to Fix Released. Since the official documentation is updated in an overnight process, any updates to the documentation are immediately released to the community.

Subscribing to Launchpad documentation bugs

DIG members who are not already subscribed to receive notification of new Launchpad bugs can subscribe themselves to be notified whenever new documentation bugs are submitted.

  1. Go to the Evergreen Launchpad Bugs page at and click Subscribe to bug mail. Note: You must be logged into Launchpad.
  2. Enter a name for your subscription.
  3. Click the more options link, shown as the highlighted area in the screenshot below.
  4. Select Bugs must match this filter. Click to expand Tags. Click Match all tags and then add documentation to the text entry box.
  5. Click the Create button.
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