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   * [[scratchpad:​sample_reporter_templates|Sample Report Templates]]   * [[scratchpad:​sample_reporter_templates|Sample Report Templates]]
   * [[evergreen-reports:​canned_reports|Existing canned reports]] [[http://​​2010/​04/​21/​canned-reports-for-evergreen-160/​|Equinox - Canned reports for Evergreen 1.6.0]]   * [[evergreen-reports:​canned_reports|Existing canned reports]] [[http://​​2010/​04/​21/​canned-reports-for-evergreen-160/​|Equinox - Canned reports for Evergreen 1.6.0]]
 +  * [[scratchpad:​random_magic_spells|Other SQL "Magic Spells"​]]
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