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There are two ways Bills are created within a patron record:

1. Evergreen automatically creates bills.

  • If a patron has an item checked out and that item becomes overdue, then the patron will be billed by the system for each day the item is overdue. You can click on Full Details on the Bill itself to see the individual charges and the note indicating Overdue Fine.

:!: There is a one day grace period where if the patron turns the item in one day late, the system will not charge for that day overdue. But if the patron returns it after that one day has passed, the system will charge them for that day. For example, if the patron returns the item one day late, no bill. If it is two days late, the system will bill for two days.

  • If staff mark an item checked out to a patron as lost, the patron will be billed for the cost of the item along with any processing fee associated with the item, see Lost and Missing Materials

2. Staff manually creates or edits bills.

Creating or Editing a Bill

Staff can create a new bill within a patron record or edit an existing bill. First,

  • Search and retrieve patron record.
  • Click on the Bills tab.

A. Create a new bill:


  • Click on Bill Patron.

A window will pop up that looks like this:


  • Enter Billing Type information from the dropdown.
  • Enter the Amount.
  • Enter a Note if necessary.
  • Click on Submit this Bill.

B. Add or Edit an existing Bill:

  • Click on Add Billing under the bill you want to edit.


  • Enter the Billing Type informaton from the dropdown.
  • Enter the Amount.
  • Enter a Note if necessary.
  • Click on Submit this Bill.

:!: The Add Billing interface looks very similar to the Bill Patron with the exception of added information regarding the bill's history. For more details on the bill's history, click on Full Details.

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