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-** Apache "Run As" user ** 
-Because many of the modules/etc. of Evergreen are owned by opensrf, [[|It has been suggested]] that Apache run as the OpenSRF user.  Although changing the permissions of the files would accomplish the goal of allowing access by Apache, upgrades of the OpenSRF system (or the programs that use it, such as Evergreen) may add or change files with the wrong user/permissions, thus causing an unnecessary headache. 
-Here's a sample section of the httpd.conf configuration that could accomplish this: 
-User opensrf 
-Group apache 
-*Note: The "group" entry may vary by distro and installation-specific configurations.  It may be "apache", "httpd", "nobody", "nogroup", "-1", or the like.  Generally speaking, the group shouldn't need to be changed from the default. 
-** VHost Configuration ** 
-Below we have our Evergreen vhost config and the matching SSL config.  These configs were created in a Debian environment and later ported to Gentoo.  In theory, they should work in more or less any Apache 2.0 build environment.  These configs are just examples - you will likely need to edit them to suit your environment, or simply copy out the useful parts into your own configs. 
-** UPDATE:  See [[|Open-ILS/examples/apache/]] in Subversion for apache configs ** 
-If your apache environment is not automatically set up to load config files from a particular directory, you will need something like the following in your httpd.conf: 
-<code apache> 
-Include conf/evergreen_vhost.conf 
-<IfModule mod_ssl.c> 
-   Include conf/evergreen_vhost_ssl.conf 
-** External Modules ** 
-Also, verify that all needed external modules are loaded: 
-<code apache> 
-LoadModule perl_module modules/ 
-LoadModule osrf_json_gateway_module modules/ 
-LoadModule xmlent_module      modules/ 
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