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 //(Gina, Jennifer)// //(Gina, Jennifer)//
-Holding pattern until event is setup.+Demo site is setup and content is being generated.
 === 3. Policies === === 3. Policies ===
 //(Lynn)// //(Lynn)//
-Putting together a statement for signup about being able to turn off camera ​and not use real name if anyone wishes anonymity.+Policies were written up and added to registration before the site went live.
 === 4. Presentation Wrangling === === 4. Presentation Wrangling ===
 //​(Michele)//​ //​(Michele)//​
-Getting Michele and Ruth Youtube access - done+Progress is well underway:  
 === 5. Wiki Updates - during event === === 5. Wiki Updates - during event ===
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 //(Michele, Gina)//  ​ //(Michele, Gina)//  ​
-Gina put together a great survey, great initial response but plenty of names still missing. ​ She will put out a reminder with a deadline ​and prime the pump with some feedback to the community about what interest ​has been expressed.+A few more responses have come in and the input has been wrangled.
 === 7. Session Moderators === === 7. Session Moderators ===
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 //(Rogan)// //(Rogan)//
-Emerald has been pinged and we once the account is activated we will be moving quickly on this.+Done.
 === 0. Next meeting === === 0. Next meeting ===
 //(Rogan)// //(Rogan)//
-Same bat time, same bat channel in two weeks, ​the message going out right after the meeting.+Same bat time, same bat channel in two weeks, ​October 1st.
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