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1.6 Feature Overview

This release adds functionality, configuration, and usability improvements in the following areas:

  • MARC Editor (Staff Client, Cataloging): Added “insert copy above” (CTRL-up) and “insert copy below” (CTRL-down) functionality
  • Event Triggers – An entirely new subsystem for automatically running arbitrary, user-defined reaction code when presented with an ILS event defined by the user. Notifications, delayed actions, acquisitions, and many other systems will make use of this new infrastructure. These settings are configurable from the Staff Client per branch or globally.
    • Ability to set pre-due and overdue e-mail notices from the Staff Client – Makes it easier to add new data to notices
    • Automatically marking items as lost after specific overdue period
    • Can be used for generating and creating delays for the sending of hold pickup notices
      • Note: if the hold transits, then the hold notice can’t be delayed once it is checked in at the pickup library; this will be addressed in future releases of 1.6
  • Serials summary display in the OPAC, as well as summary editing in MARC Format for Holdings Data within the staff client.
  • Acquisitions Preview includes a sneak peek at the preliminary work for manual funding management, PO creation, cataloging and receiving processes. These are functional but are not intended for insertion into current workflows. This feature was specifically included to solicit feedback from the community on this important feature.
  • Formal support for Postgresql 8.3
  • Located URIs – adding an 856$9 containing the short name of a location will restrict search and display of entirely electronic records (those with no physical copies) to the location named. In other words, the ability to restrict record visibility to a specific location or set of locations in the same way as copies but without creating dummies. Since there is no physical location, however, this does affect advanced searches wherein the shelving location limiter is used.
  • Dojo profile build specific to Evergreen, increasing load speed dramatically for the OPAC and Staff Clients.
  • BibTemplate OPAC templating – Any field from any version of a record that Evergreen can deliver, with or without embedded holdings, is now available for display using a simple template language which is further extended with basic JavaScript. Template customization is now supported that allows specific data fields to be pulled from the MARC and displayed in the OPAC. Examples would be: added author, alternate title, subject links, and URI data
  • SRU and Z39.50 searches can now be scoped to specific locations
  • Z39.50 now supports a holdings record format
  • More flexible and configurable layouts for many Staff Client interfaces such as buttons for common functions and the ability to choose how you wish to display some information.
  • Many new server configuration interfaces for functions such as circulation policies, hold policies, and notifications.
  • Formal support for IE8
  • Added time granularity display to Patron Items Out screen in the Staff Client. “Due time” now displays along with due date.
  • RefWorks export capability
  • Ability to import holdings via the standard Record Importer (Vandelay)
  • Google Book Preview support as added-content
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