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-[[user-comments:installing_postgresql|User Comments]] 
-PostgreSQL can be downloaded from 
-Latest tests were performed with postgresql-8.0.3.  Below are the install steps we followed.  Naturally replace /opt with the directory you wish to install postgres into. 
-   user$ su 
-   bash# ./configure --prefix=/opt --with-perl --with-openssl && make && make install 
-   bash# cd /opt/ 
-   bash# mkdir data 
-   bash# chown postgres:postgres /opt/data 
-   bash# su postgres 
-   postgres$ bin/initdb -D data -E UNICODE --locale=C  
-   postgres$ nano -w data/postgresql.conf 
-       - set listen_address ='localhost' 
-   postgres$ bin/pg_ctl -D data -l /my/logs/postgres.log start 
-   postgres$ exit 
-   bash# cd /path/to/postgres_src/contrib && make && make install 
-   bash# cd /opt && PGUSER=postgres PGDATABASE=template1 bin/psql 
-   pg# \i /opt/share/postgresql/contrib/tsearch2.sql   
-   pg# \i /opt/share/postgresql/contrib/tablefunc.sql 
-   pg# \q 
-   bash# PGUSER=postgres bin/createlang plpgsql -d template1 
-   bash# PGUSER=postgres bin/createdb evergreen 
-   bash# PGUSER=postgres bin/createlang plperl -d evergreen 
-   bash# PGUSER=postgres bin/createlang plperlu -d evergreen 
-At some point, you'll also want to change your postgres password (postgres user, not system user). Make sure to save it since you'll need it later in the install.  
-   bash# su postgres 
-   bash# bin/psql 
-   bash# alter user postgres password 'my password'; 
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