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Here are some notes from the blog at and the mailing list at

Tested with Debian Testing.

It is usually a bad idea to just use CPAN with Debian. Since the CPAN-installed packages don't get registered with dpkg, dependencies get screwed up.

To get the libnet-z3950-perl amd libmarc-record-perl modules, add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list

 deb emilda/sarge/

To get the cpan-libtime-hires-perl module, add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list

 deb unstable main

Be sure to execute "apt-get update" after adding the above changes to your sources.list file.

 apt-get update

This command should install the available perl packages.

 apt-get install \
 cpan-libtime-hires-perl \
 libcache-memcached-perl \
 libcgi-perl \
 libclass-dbi-abstractsearch-perl \
 libclass-dbi-perl \
 libdatetime-perl \
 libdatetime-format-builder-perl \
 libdatetime-timezone-perl \
 libdbd-pg-perl \
 libdbd-sqlite3-perl \
 libdbi-perl \
 liberror-perl \
 libexception-class-perl \
 libgd-graph3d-perl \
 libmarc-record-perl \
 libmd5-perl \
 libnet-server-perl \
 libnet-z3950-perl \
 libspreadsheet-writeexcel-perl \
 libtemplate-perl \
 libtext-aspell-perl \
 libtext-csv-perl \
 libunix-syslog-perl \
 libwww-perl \
 libxml-libxml-perl \
 libxml-libxslt-perl \
 libxml-perl \
 libxml-sax-perl \
 libxml-simple-perl \
 libmarc-charset-perl \
 libdatetime-format-builder-perl \
 libuniversal-require-perl \
 liblog-log4perl-perl \

Couldn't find DateTime::Format::ISO8601 or Javascript::SpiderMonkey, need to install each manually. Follow these steps for each package. Created deb package from source with dh-make-perl.

Install dh-make-perl, devscripts and libmodule-build-perl

 #apt-get install dh-make-perl devscripts libmodule-build-perl

Download the latest DateTime::Format::ISO8601 from

 #wget <path to download file>

Untar the downloaded file.

 #tar xvfz <filename>

Run dh-make-perl to build the package. Tests are disabled, they depend on more modules that might not be installed.

 #dh-make-perl --notest --build <directory created by tar>

Install the debain package created, and you are done.

 #dpkg -i <deb package filename>

Building Debian packages of Perl modules on


Javascipt::SpiderMonkey takes some more tweaking to get it to work. Fixme.

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