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- ---I've updated this page and maintain for historical purposes.
-==Flagged Out of Date and Needs Attention, Not Flagged for Removal==+ 
 +=====Flagged as Out of Date Material and Needs Updating or Revising; Not Flagged for Removal=====
- + 
 +Using Out of Date Warning Image {{:scratchpad:tango-dialog-warning.png?nolink|}} found at The file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License.  
 +=====Flagged as Out of Date Material and Needs Updating or Revising;Flagged for Removal===== 
 +=====Edits/Reformats/Updates, etc...===== 
 + Start Page—needed to start somewhere 
 +   *Created new presentation pages and created a placeholder for regional conference presentations 
 +   *Removed first paragraph and incorporated the information into the corresponding committees 
 +   *Reformatted the page 
 +   *Added link to the EG ILS Community Calendar 
 +   *Streamlined the format and the info for each committee 
 +   *Added the actual name of the contact for DIG and RIG, instead of just email 
 +   *Added direct links to mailing lists and sites where known and available 
 +   ***Still need: A few committees are missing info** 
 +   *Edited first sentence 
 +   *Updated list of groups that report  
 +   *Moved Sept 14, 2012 meeting from Next Meeting to Previous meetings and added the link to the IRC log for that day 
 +   *Added IRC log for Dec 02, 2011 meeting 
 +   ***Still need: Next Meeting Info and Update with any meetings not currently listed** 
 +   *Added Raw IRC Logs for the meetings (where available)   
 +   *Added older newsletter editions to the page 
 +   *separated the issues by year
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