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Draft Wiki Guidelines

IMPORTANT! Namespaces!

If you add new schematics, content, tutorials etc, please make sure you put these in their own namespace. Otherwise you will flood the current namespace and maintaining uploaded files will become a mess for the users.

Usually, when you add a link to a page-to-be, you want to add your own namespace too.

You do this by using colons, and if you start your "namespacing" with a dot '.' you make the namespace relative to the current pages namespace, which is standard.

Example: Imagine that you are editing the main Tutorials page and want to add your own tutorial called "How to make a noise". You should then link to it by using the pagename ".How to make a noise:How to make a noise" Such a name (inside a normal internal link) would put the page under the Tutorials:How to make a noise-namespace, and all your uploaded files etc would also end up here.

Please please please try to maintain a good namespace structure, it's really hard to correct it when the error already has been made.

More info:

Syntax and formatting

First have a look at the wiki syntax.

Try to keep formatting as clean as possible. A pages main title heading should be in H1, headings under that H2, headings under H2's should be H3 etc. Don't use horizontal rulers unless necessary (for instance they are not necessary if there's a heading right above or beneath where you want to mark a "new section").

Example of what a small page could look like, using namespaces for sub pages etc:

====== This is the page ======

And this is the description of this page, regarding what you can find and add here etc.
Remember to use sub pages, and especially namespaces, where appropriate.

===== The first section =====

[[.Another Page:Another Page]]

===== The second section =====

[[.Yet Another Page:Yet Another Page]]


You might want to include rather big screenshots within your articles, but having them displayed full size directly inside the article can make things look bad. Fortunately you can resize the image directly within the article. You can also set the alignment of the picture, examples:

Resize to given width:


And left/center/right alignment like this:

{{ wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}
{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png }}
{{ wiki:dokuwiki-128.png }}

See images and other files for more info.


You can insert code using the 'code' tag, like this:

<code c> float a; </code>
float a; 
float b;
a = b * 10 + 2 * sin1(x);

There's no specific code syntax highlighting.

Spell Check

Please spell check your work, either with UK or USA English; many visitors do not have English as their primary language.

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