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Attending: Jim Craner, John Boggs, June Rayner, Lori Ayre, Roni Shwaish, Amy Terlaga, Kate Sheehan, Kathy Lussier

Agenda Items:

- Lori’s email – “I want to be an Evergreen Developer” page

o Remove references to Javascript on Wiki page since this no longer applies – June and Roni follow up

- Anoop’s 9/14 email on Web Site Recommendations

o Completed and To Do items

o Put To Do items on Wiki (note which ones required special tools or access) – individuals can claim to do items to work on

Anoop wikified this document after the meeting – check it here:

- IdeaTorrent

o Lori has been talking with Sitka about hosting a pilot site

o Tentative meeting scheduled for 9/29 with Web Team and Sitka

o Web team members to submit ideas and comment on other ideas

- Other Web Site Recommendations

o June’s email – we’re pretty much doing this now, except for the web site hackfest

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