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Evergreen walk-through script

This script contributed by Dan Scott, Laurentian University, based on a presentation to the library in October 2007 - feel free to annotate, add to, or improve!

Intro: what's going on!

  • Georgia PINES background
  • Evergreen is born (Y2K, 2004 project green light, 2006 go-live)
  • Community is growing


  • Basic search:
    • Relevance-ranked results
    • ANDed by default
    • Search syntax like Google [cats dogs] vs. [cats -dogs] vs. ["cats and dogs"]
    • No stopwords: "To be or not to be", "it" on title
  • Results:
    • Facets (subjects, authors, series)
    • Spell check (search for "zoup")
    • Shelf browse
    • Place hold (volume-level hold in catalogue, item holds currently only through staff client)
    • Added content is supported
  • Advanced search:
    • Reorder search results
    • Limit by form, type, language, audience
  • Bookbags
    • Shared (in catalogue or via RSS) or private use only
    • No practical limit on number of bookbags or items in bookbaks

Administration interfaces

  • Basic configuration interfaces
  • Pretty Django interface

Staff client

  • Log in / registration
  • Offline mode
  • Circulation
    • Checkout / Discharge
    • Patron registration
    • Receipt printing
  • Cataloging
    • Z39.50 copy cataloging
    • Manual adjustments to record
    • New records from templates
    • Basic authority support
  • Reporting
    • Walk through data relationships, transforms
    • Basic graphing capabilities
    • CSV / Excel output (no stupid field truncation / forced page headers!)
    • Scheduler, email delivery

What's missing (from an academic library perspective)?

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