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Bibliography of Evergreen reviews or analyses

Date Author Title
2008 (October) Eriko, KUDO and KATAOKA Shin 次世代OPACの可能性 ―その特徴と導入への課題― (A big wave of Next Generation Catalog - Its features and implementing into Japanese library systems) Journal of Information Processing and Management, 2008, v.51 no. 7
2008/07/23 Colorado State Library - Project Task Force Statewide ILS Based on Open-Source Software – Report on the Viability for Colorado Libraries
2008/06/27 Müller, Tristan Étude comparative des principaux SIGB libres (Comparative study of the major open source integrated library systems)
2008/05/28 Hyman, Ben and Julie Walker Case study: The Evergreen Open Source Integrated Library System; its origins and significant implementations in the USA and Canada
2007/10/12 Dan Scott Assessing Evergreen for an academic bilingual library
2007/10/12 Dan Scott Evergreen Business Readiness Rating OpenOffice / Excel
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