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Comparing MODS to MODS32

As part of changeset 10587, dbs bumped the version of MODS in use from MODS to MODS32. This page will cover the investigation of the differences in those two schemas as it pertains to Evergreen's indices.

Global note: chopPunctuation and chopString is applied uniformly to text values in MODS32. This may be enough justification for a rebuild of all indexes as users migrate from 1.2 to 1.4. Some testing needs to be done to compare just how much of an effect this will have in practice.

Index Subindex MODS definition MODS32 definition Comments
series seriestitle 440av 440av
title abbreviated 210ab 210a 242b moves to <subTitle>
title translated 242abh 242a 242y added as "lang" attribute; 242b moves to <subTitle>, 242h moves to <partName> or <partNumber>
title alternative 246abfh 246af 242b moves to <subTitle>, 242h moves to <partName> or <partNumber>
title alternative 740ah 740ah
title uniform
title proper subfield h (material) not included in MODS32
author corporate 110 110 MODS XPath = name[@type='corporate']/role/text[text()='creator']; MODS32 XPath = name[@type='corporate']/role/roleTerm[@authority='marcRelator' and @type='text' and text()='creator']
author personal 100 100 MODS XPath = name[@type='personal']/role/text[text()='creator']; MODS32 XPath = name[@type='personal']/role/roleTerm[@authority='marcRelator' and @type='text' and text()='creator']
author conference 111 111 MODS XPath = name[@type='conference']/role/text[text()='creator']; MODS32 XPath = name[@type='conference']/role/roleTerm[@authority='marcRelator' and @type='text' and text()='creator']
author other
subject geographic
subject name
subject temporal
subject topic
keyword keyword
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