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Evergreen in Action: Help us improve the book

While we are proud of the first edition of Evergreen in Action, we know it can be better with your time, eyeballs, and brains. We would be delighted if you decided to take the time to help us improve it!

Above all else, we encourage you to edit the book directly in your Web browser on the FLOSS Manuals site or submit patches or branches to the official documentation.

Here are some concrete ways to help us:

  • Evangelize: Spread the word about Evergreen in Action on social networks, blogs, or forums where people want help in getting up and running with Evergreen - link to - the more people that run Evergreen, the better!
  • Edit: If you find a typo or an error, you can fix it immediately online at FLOSS Manuals.
  • Review: You're probably an expert in one or more chapters. Review a chapter, edit it directly, and make it better for everyone!
  • Review: Identify gaps in the book, either within a chapter, or of entirely missing chapters that fit the mission of the book. We assume that there will be plenty of palm to forehead "why didn't we do THAT?" moments!
  • Review: Test (and correct) all technical steps documented in the book; for example, in the "migrating data" and "disaster recovery" chapters.
  • Enhance: Add more explicit security recommendations: for example, create a database user without superuser access.
  • Convert: If you have AsciiDoc skills, we would love you if you could merge remaining chapters into the official documentation. So far, we have converted the Initial set up section of the book and added its chapters to the official 2.3 documentation. The Finding and borrowing materials and Care and feeding of Evergreen sections still need to be added.
  • Write: We had to "kill some little darlings" that we had wanted to write, but did not have time for during the sprint. If you have the time and expertise to contribute some paragraphs toward one or more of these subjects, please go ahead and start writing! Potential chapters include:
    • Troubleshooting problems
    • Creating reports
    • Setting up serials predictions
    • Creating search indexes
  • Update: We wrote the book for a target Evergreen 2.3 audience, but 2.4 is on its way in the Spring of 2013.

If you have questions, or suggestions, or want to talk about other ideas you have for improving the book, please subscribe and post to the Evergreen documentation list. We would love to hear from you!

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