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Editing the community calendar

With so many Evergreen meetings going on, we decided to create a common calendar of Evergreen events to help us keep track of everything.

By default, the calendar displays a set of calendars; for example, the "Evergreen ILS Community", "Evergreen ILS Developers", and the "Evergreen ILS Governance Committee" are displayed on the same calendar. You can click the down-arrow on the top-right corner of the calendar to set the filter for the groups in which you are interested; and of course you can click on the Add Calendar button at the bottom of the calendar to add the calendar(s) to your own account.

If you want to add an event for a group that doesn't fit into any of these categories, you can; just:

  1. Create a new Google Calendar using your Google account (I have a bunch of invites left if you need one!) using My Calendars -> Add on the left-hand side of the Google Calendar page.
  2. Give the calendar a meaningful name. We've been using the pattern Evergreen ILS ## so far, to distinguish it from all of the other Evergreen calendars out there :)
  3. Check the Make this calendar public box to open it up to the world. We want to publish these events without requiring users to log into Google.
  4. Add users who should be able to make changes and manage sharing settings; for example, you might want to give the co-chair of your committee the power to edit calendars and add other managers so that there you don't become a single point of failure.
  5. Save the calendar. The calendar will be listed on the left-hand side of your general Google Calendar screen.
  6. Click the down-arrow beside the calendar that you just added. A context menu displays. Select Calendar Settings; the full details of the calendar are at your fingertips.
  7. In the Embed this calendar section, copy the ? section of the link and replace "?" with "&".
  8. Edit the calendar wiki page and add & to the end of the <iframe src=" link.
  9. Preview the page to ensure your change didn't break the calendar display, then save the page.

Creating an event on a specific calendar

If you've created a new calendar for your group and added it to the link on the calendar wiki page, any events that you add to that particular calendar will immediately become visible in the combined Evergreen community calendar. Neat, eh?

To add an event to a specific calendar:

  1. Log in to your Google account
  2. Add an event (click on the time / day at which you want to create the event)
  3. Select the appropriate calendar from the Calendar: drop-down
  4. Edit event details and ensure that the privacy is set to Public
  5. If possible, link to the general web page where you host your meeting agendas and minutes. If you're using a public communication mechanism such as the IRC channel, publish those details too; conference call information, unfortunately, probably won't work all that well.

Adding an event

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