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Evergreen IRC channel

You are welcome to join the Evergreen IRC channel to discuss problems with or ideas for enhancing Evergreen, or just to socialize with other people using and developing Evergreen. The channel is available at #evergreen on the Libera network using your IRC client or via the Web gateway.

List of #evergreen users

The channel has grown to the point that it's hard to keep track of who is who, so (on an entirely opt-in basis!), here's a list of #evergreen nicknames, their real names, affiliation, and any other notes that they think might be of interest. Feel free to add as much or as little information about your nick as you like - and if you don't have an Evergreen wiki account, you can ask someone else on the #evergreen channel to either set you up with a wiki account or to add your nick information for you.

Nickname Real name Affiliation / notes
AaronZ-PLS Aaron Zsembery Pioneer Library System, Canandaigua, NY
abneiman Andrea Buntz Neiman Equinox Open Library Initiative
afterl Amy Terlaga Bibliomation, Inc.
agJohn John Craig Alpha-G Consulting, Orem, UT
alexlazar Alex Lazar PALS, Mankato, MN
alynn26 Lynn Floyd Evergreen Indiana
artunit Art Rhyno Leddy Library, University of Windsor
atheos Niles Ingalls
berick Bill Erickson King County Library System
Bmagic Blake GH MOBIUS
bmills Brent Mills Sage Library System
_bott_ aka bott_otr Bill Ott Grand Rapids Public Library
branflakes Brandon Uhlman Recovering Evergreen sysadmin (day job: Nova Scotia Provincial Library)
brian_f Brian Feifarek
bshum Ben Shum volunteer
caryar Carol Yarrison Bibliomation, Inc.
csharp Chris Sharp GPLS/PINES
collum Garry Collum Kenton County Public Library
dbs, denials Dan Scott Laurentian University; blog
dbwells Dan Wells Hekman Library, Calvin University
dchristens David Christensen Manitoba Evergreen project (Spruce);
derekz Derek Zoladz Consortium of Ohio Libraries
djfiander David Fiander Independent Developer (day job: University of Western Ontario)
dluch Debbie Luchenbill MOBIUS
Dyrcona Jason Stephenson CWMARS
eby Ryan Eby Ann Arbor District Library
ericar Erica Rohlfs Equinox Open Library Initiative
finnx Steve Sheppard DIG volunteer
gdunbar Grace Dunbar
gmcharlt Galen Charlton Equinox Open Library Initiative
grahamf Graham Fawcett Independent developer (day job: University of Windsor); blog
gsams Geoff Sams North Texas Library Consortium
hbrennan Holly Brennan
hcethatsme Hilary Caws-Elwitt Susquehanna County Library, part of the HSLC consortium
jamesrf James Fournie Vancouver Community College Library, part of BC Libraries Cooperative - Sitka (also former BCLC employee)
JBoyer Jason Boyer Equinox Open Library Initiative
jbuhler Jeremy Buhler formerly of BC Libraries Cooperative - Sitka
jeff Jeff Godin Traverse Area District Library
jeffdavis Jeff Davis BC Libraries Cooperative - Sitka
jihpringle Jennifer Pringle BC Libraries Cooperative - Sitka
jlitrell Jake Litrell Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative
jvwoolf Jessica Woolford Bibliomation, Inc.
jweston Jennifer Weston Equinox Open Library Initiative
kbeswick Kevin Beswick Laurentian University
kcollier Karen Collier
kip Kip DeGraaf Ann Arbor District Library
kmlussier Kathy Lussier NOBLE
KN2W Roni Shwaish eiNetwork
krvmga Jim Keenan CWMARS
ktomita Kyle Tomita Catalyst IT Services
LBA Lori Bowen Ayre Galecia Group
ldwhalen Liam Whalen formerly of BC Libraries Cooperative - Sitka
mantis Gina Monti Bibliomation Inc., CT
mck9 Scott McKellar
mceraso Melissa Ceraso Bibliomation, Inc.
mdriscoll Martha Driscoll NOBLE
miker, eeevil, goood Mike Rylander Equinox Open Library Initiative
mjgiarlo Mike Giarlo Pennsylvania State University; web
mmorgan Michele Morgan NOBLE
moodaepo Anoop Atre
mrpeters Mike Peters Emerald Data Networks
natschil Nathanael Schilling Nile Theological College; Goes by European time
ohiojoe Joe Knueven Consortium of Ohio Libraries / Wilmington Public Library
parsr George Duimovich
pastebot Evergreen pastebot
PaxtonJo Joni Paxton COOL/Community Library
phasefx Jason Etheridge Equinox Open Library Initiative
pinesol_green The IRC bot for the channel
pmplett Peter Plett formerly of BC Libraries Cooperative - Sitka
remingtron Remington Steed Hekman Library, Calvin University
rhamby Rogan Hamby Equinox Open Library Initiative
rjackson-isl Bob Jackson Evergreen Indiana
rsoulliere Robert Soulliere Mohawk College
rfrasur, ruth Ruth Frasur Evergreen Indiana
sandbergja Jane Sandberg Linn-Benton Community College
sboyette Shawn Boyette
serflog IRC logging bot See logs
senator Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley
sleary Stephanie Leary Equinox Open Library Initiative
sseng Srey Seng Catalyst IT Services
stev3, StephenGWillis Stephen Wills
Stompro Josh Stompro Lake Agassiz Regional Library Moorhead MN
sylvar Ben Ostrowsky
terranm Terran McCanna Georgia PINES
tsbere Thomas Berezansky Merrimack Valley Library Consortium
weather15 Ryan Laverdiere Greater Laverdiere Family Library Network
wjr William Rockwood Traverse Area District Library
wlayton Warren A. Layton Library of Parliament (Ottawa, Canada) blog
Wolf29 M Wolf Halton
yboston Yamil Suarez Berklee College of Music (Boston MA US)
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