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Minutes for Community / Developer Meeting of November 23, 2010

  1. Review action items from last meeting
    1. All to forward any documentation on 2.0 features they have to DIG - Karen Collier:
      We haven't seen much come in yet on the documentation discussion list.
      Any documentation you have in any format regarding 2.0 that you'd like to contribute to the official 
      documentation can be sent to the documentation discussion list at
      If you don't subscribe to the mailing list and you want to make sure your contribution arrived intact 
      you can check with the DIG facilitators at Thanks for your help!
    2. Robert Soulliere to put together an outline page for 2.0 on wiki. - Karen Collier:
      Outlines for both 1.6 and 2.0 can be accessed from links on DIG's main Wiki page at
    3. All to continue discussing 1.6 release plans on the mailing lists.
      If there are any serious concerns about 1.6.0.* not being updated 
      except for security issues after 2.0 is released, take it to the mailing list
    4. Anyone interested in helping with the Reports Taskforce, contact the Reports Taskforce.
      Folks have been recruited.
    5. Jason Stephenson will see if he can get someone from MVLC to join the reports task force.
      Jason has moved a person on to that taskforce.
    6. Please review and respond to that Communication Committee report! - Lori Bowen Ayre:
      Communication committee is absorbing suggestions and will come back with revisions after holidays.
  2. Communications committee - Lori Bowen Ayre
    As reported earlier the committee is absorbing suggestions and will come back with revisions after holidays.
  3. Website Team report and discussion
    Dan Scott & Jason Etheridge have made some updates to the website,
    enhanced menu and improved searching of current websites. Anoop and Amy and others are looking at current site
    and making suggestions. Jason has added a link to the 2011 conference website from the home page.
    Conference website will also be linked using the URL
  4. Conference committee - Amy Terlaga
    Planning for the 2011 Evergreen International Conference 27-30 April 2011
    in Decatur, Georgia is under way, Chris Sharp has a timeline.
    Call for program proposals will go out 12/6 and hotel reservations are now open.
    Website has been launched and the conference planning survey results are available
  5. Documentation Interest Group report - Karen Collier
    The Documentation Interest Group (DIG) is still calling the documentation for 1.6
    "draft documentation" at this point but most chapters have been completed and the PDF version is 518 pages long
    including glossary and index.  The book is available in HTML and PDF formats at
    We would love to get some feedback from the community on how we've done so far and what we could improve.
    General comments can be addressed to the documentation discussion list at, and bug reports can be submitted via Launchpad.
    Links to Launchpad have been added throughout the documentation for this purpose.
    We expect DIG will be voting soon on whether to bump up the status of this documentation from 
    "draft" to "current" so if you have an opinion on this, feel free to speak up on the documentation discussion list.
    As already mentioned, please please please send any documentation in any format regarding 2.0
    to the documentation discussion list.  Some chapters from 1.6 may be updated and reused, 
    but there are so many new features in 2.0 that a lot of original documentation will be needed.
    We'd love to get access to any documentation you've already created and would be willing to contribute.
    Outlines showing the completed topics as well as those we're still working on for both 1.6 and 2.0
    can be accessed from links on DIG's main Wiki page at
    But DIG can use help with particularly anything relating to new features in 2.0.
    There have not been any inquiries on the DIG list yet either of people looking to do
    translations or people asking for translations.
    • ACTION ITEM: Create a list of specific areas where the DIG needs help in fleshing out information. [ Karen Collier ]
  6. Reports Taskforce report - Jennifer Turner
    Minutes from Reports Taskforce meetings are posted here:
    Planning on having a reports interest group meeting at EG 2011 in Decatur, GA
  7. Developer report - Galen Charlton
    Minutes from the last two dev minutes are at
    The 3rd beta of 2.0 was released last night and we're in good shape to cut a release candidate in early December.
    We have a new core committer as of 2010-11-16: Dan Wells of Calvin College!
    More info at
    The next developer meeting is November 29 per
    NRCAN Library has funded some new development for bib record linking ("multi-homed items"). 
    You can read more about it here:
    Evergreen K-12 schools due date functionality has been completed:
    They will be getting a webinar from ESI on it the second week in December.
    Dan Scott has volunteered to write a bit about hold-driven recalls for the roadmap.
    He also mentioned Thomas Berezansky  enhanced staff client build + updates goodness
    post-2.0 which should also be mentioned on the roadmap.
  • ACTION ITEM: Call for volunteers to update the Evergreen roadmap for some of the stuff beyond 2.0

  1. Governance Committee report - Dan Scott
    Governance Committee agreed to have gmcharlt, emckinney, and dbs
    represent the project with the Software Freedom Conservancy. Enabling the project to move forward
    while the Governance Committee finalizes the Rules of Governance, membership, etc. implicit in this 
    is that we are planning to further the discussions with the SFC to accept their invitation join their umbrella. 
    There will be more to report at the 2011 EG conference in Decatur, GA.
  • ACTION ITEM: Contact the Conservancy [ Dan Scott ]
  1. Schedule next meeting
Next meeting 21 December 2010, 2:00 p.m. EST
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