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Using MeetBot for IRC Meetings

Meetbot is an IRC plugin that has been installed to pinesol to facilitate and support the various meetings that take place in the Evergreen IRC channel.

Full manual:

General Usage Commands


This command tells MeetBot to begin listening for creation of meeting notes later.  
If you include any text after the command, it will become the meeting topic.
Example: #startmeeting 2012-01-31 - Developer Meeting


This command sets the topic of discussion.
Example: #topic When will 2.2 be released?


This command logs a note about a given topic.
Example: #info 2.2 is likely to be released in March 2012.


This command logs when the group "agrees" to a particular course of action.
Example: #agree Let's work together on 2.2 release process.


This command logs an action item for the meeting.
If you specify a user in the action, it will target that user for the task.
Example: #action bshum to finish more of the MeetBot usage guide.


This command logs an "idea" for future reference.
Example: #idea It would be great if we tried using MeetBot more often to track meeting notes.


This command starts a vote.  Format is "#startvote <Topic>? Option1, Option2[, Option3...]"
Example: #startvote Should bshum be the release manager from now on? Yes, No


Register a vote value.
Example: #vote Yes


See the current voting tallies.
Example: #showvote


End voting.
Example: #endvote


This command notes a request for "help".
Example: #help Need to find volunteer to lead more developer meetings.


This command tells MeetBot that the meeting has ended and will print out links to the notes, logs, and raw text.
Example: #endmeeting

Sample Meeting

Meeting Output:

Commands used:

  #topic Discussion of Issue 1
  #info bshum working on MeetBot plugin.
  #action bshum to play less and work more
  #topic Discussion of Issue 2:  Star Trek vs. Star Wars
  #info Star Trek is clearly superior.  That is all.
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