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2012 Evergreen International Conference Program Solicitation

The 2012 Evergreen International Conference - Program Committee is soliciting program proposals for the 2012 Conference. The committee has decided to offer four tracks this year and has decided to name them in honor of the host city, Indianapolis, home of the Indy 500 car race:

  • Spectator (General)
  • Team owner (Administrative)
  • Driver (End-User)
  • Pit crew (Technical)

TIPS FOR PROSPECTIVE PRESENTERS: Based on the results of the 2012 Prospective Attendee Survey sent out to the community in August, the committee has compiled suggestions for requested programs in each user track. See the list below. The suggestions are intended to give prospective presenters some inspiration in crafting their proposal.

Prospective presenters are encouraged to contact possible co-presenters and submit a proposal together. Presenters are also encouraged to submit proposals if they are interested in presenting a 5-minute lightening talk.

INSTRUCTIONS: If you are interested in presenting, please return this form to Shauna Borger, Evergreen Indiana Coordinator, with a session proposal of a maximum of 200 words. There is some flexibility with program duration but in general, presenters should plan on having a 45-minute presentation.

The deadline to submit a proposal is November 30, 2011.

Please contact Shauna Borger with any questions.

Shauna Borger Indiana State Library, 140 North Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204 317-234-6536


User Track: Spectator

Suggested Programs

  • General information from larger consortia (MassLNC, KCLS, SITKA, Evergreen Indiana)
  • Introduction to Evergreen Interest Groups How to get involved with Evergreen Q&A - Little known facts about Evergreen

User Track: Team owner

Suggested Programs

  • Policy best practices
  • Consortium planning - benefits, costs, staff workflow, multi-type consortia, joint projects
  • Promotion of Evergreen within the state
  • Documentation-Circulation training manual
  • Documentation-General Policy roundtables
  • Evergreen International Governance Board-Understanding EG open source community and players/roles/responsibilities
  • Teaching IT staff to do Tier 1 support Budgeting for development

User Track: Driver

Suggested Programs

  • Cataloging - batch loading
  • Cataloging - cataloging and acquisitions
  • Cataloging - shortcuts
  • Cataloging - RDA
  • Cataloging - Creating templates
  • Cataloging - Sharing cataloging resources
  • Training - best practices
  • Training - manuals, materials, online training
  • Best practices - searching
  • Best practices - training
  • Best practices - circulation
  • Best practices - transiting materials, ILL
  • Holds - weighting, consortial settings, multiple branches
  • OPAC - searching the catalog
  • Circulation round table
  • Circulation customizing receipts
  • Reports - annual/monthly stats
  • Course reserves
  • Authority records
  • Inventory

User Track: Pit crew

Suggested Programs

  • Acquisitions
  • Current and future development
  • Influencing development
  • Best practices - local admin/system admin
  • Setting up permissions
  • Best practices - maintenance/upgrades
  • Database administration/library settings
  • Reports - Creating Reports - SQL tips Reports - Circulation/Collection usage
  • Apps and mobile browsers
  • Development for specific functions - debit/credit card use
  • Development for specific functions - patron billing Development for specific functions - DojoSFR development
  • De-duplication
  • Skin designs
  • Action triggers and how to use them
  • Customizing TT-OPAC
  • OPAC - Configuring/Making it more user-friendly
  • Discovering layers
  • Screen displays
  • APIs for third party tools
  • Data migration
  • Upgrading
  • Self-checkout
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