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Evergreen International Conference 2009: High-level Information

This wiki is a growing, dynamic tool for attendees of the Evergreen International Conference 2009. The conference also has an "official" site maintained by LYRASIS where you can register for the conference. Note: if you run into problems with the conference website registration process, please report them to

Consider this wiki a place to add information, learn more about Athens (or share what you know!), find out who's going, find a roommate, sign up to do lightning talks or lead birds-of-a-feather sessions, find a pub crawl or dine-around group, hunt down some good free conference wifi, and much more.

All conference registrants are invited to edit and create pages in this section of the Evergreen wiki. Please feel free to to request an account.

What is Evergreen?

Evergreen is open source, consortial-quality library automation software. Read more about it!

Conference Date, Place, Theme, Location, Logo, and Organizers

The first-ever Evergreen International Conference will take place May 20-22, 2009, at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia.

The conference will feature hackfests, lightning talks, formal presentations and panels on three tracks (Admin, Frontline Staff, and Tech), a topic-table breakfast, a Birds of a Feather luncheon, and keynotes from Joe Lucia of Villanova University and noted library technologist and pundit Jessamyn West.

This conference is jointly produced by Equinox Software Inc. ("The Evergreen Experts"), SOLINET, and the proud founders of Evergreen, Georgia Public Library Service.

Who is this conference for?

Evergreen users, Evergreen developers, open source advocates, people interested in Evergreen, and much more! You will have the chance to meet and interact with a wide variety of people: the original Evergreen developers, representatives from Evergreen libraries, people from libraries considering Evergreen, and much more.

Social Tagging, Bookmarking, Blogging, Recording, Etc.

Tagging, Blogging, Tweeting

The all-purpose tag for this conference is eg09 As the conference approaches, and especially during the conference, watch social networks for these tags and use eg09 for your own blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, and so forth.

Recording Sessions

We will offer speakers and presenters a chance to be video-recorded (there will be a recording release form). At this point we are planning on recording five to six events. If you would like to help record a session, or to process recorded sessions, email

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