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3.0 Feedback Fest #1 — 15 to 19 May 2017

How to contribute to the feedback fest

The goal of the fest is to give feedback on each and every outstanding pull request. Feedback can take many forms, including:

  • rebasing older pull request branches against the current master
  • commenting on the bug and the proposed patches
  • deciding if the bug no longer applies or (as might be the case with some XUL interfaces) can be left alone
  • testing and signing off on the patches
  • writing automated test cases for pull requests that need them
  • writing human test plans
  • writing release notes entries

While some or many of the pull requests will hopefully get signed off and merged during the fest, the primary goal is advancing each and every pull request by providing feedback.


During this Feedback Fest, a total of 39 bugs got substantive action and 23 of them got their patches committed.

Open pull requests (without signoffs) as of 11 May 2017

Bug # Title Comments
#1048822 Simplified Pull List - Need fuller title commented that the metabib display fields work, which is now gaining momentum, would provide long-term fix
#1075401 serials: copy templates need dropdown menus for age protect and circ as type fields comment made noting that upgrade scripts are needed
#1108680 Closed Dates Editor has untranslatable strings removed pullrequest, better to port this editor to angular/TT2 than introduce new i18n methods for old code
#1133464 Use cover image/blurb URL from field 856 commented on
#1170514 vandelay.auto_overlay_bib_record discrepancy Merged
#1170795 Deposit refunds not applying as expected on item check in Removed pullrequest, needs tests/docs
#1174498 Payment by billing type breakdown Removed pullrequest, needs tests/docs
#1177794 Vandelay Import Item Attributes "Keep" field does nothing Merged
#1205072 Action trigger Granularity strings saving label not value Replaced pullrequest with needsrepatch
#1205190 Firefox dislikes some TPAC stylesheet elements rebased against master
#1222242 Backdate a Checkout to Expired Patron Agreed no longer an issue
#1244354 Unnecessary user refresh after deletion can cause permission error merged
#1273820 Public schema normalizing functions are missing from config.index_normalizer reviewed, needsrepatch
#1274999 Next 10 Link erroneously available at the end of holdings in OPAC, intermittent merged
#1312824 open-ils.circ.hold.change_title(.specific_holds) APIs cancel previously captured holds at other locations, confusing staff and patrons Signed off and new commit added
#1312837 Item Status - Alternate View - Holds/Transit tab: Transit and Hold information does not refresh
#1331174 Long Overdue processing needs org unit settings separate from Lost Processing
#1335668 Change functionality of the ACQ transfer fund action
#1353643 URI $9 displayes too many links in TPAC commented & assigned
#1411699 TPAC: Don't load dojo widgets unless we actually need them (for autocomplete) tested and signed off with a follow-up patch
#1411819 Allow patron renewal on max fines for some libraries, disallow it for others
#1463943 Non-ascii Unicode characters in messages cause SIP client problems
#1480432 Staff users can have permission at a more restrictive depth than assigned via a permission group
#1482757 Loading records with located URIs should not delete and recreate call_numbers branch updated
#1496522 Wishlist - Action Trigger for periodic billing statement branch updated
#1511742 webclient: Need ability to type to selection in in some menus
#1542495 OpenILS::SIP::clean_text() can crash
#1552409 Invent a page in the OPAC for redirection to referring URL based authentication on external services such as EBSCO commented
#1564508 webstaff: remove statusbar, move Hatch connection indicator to hamburger menu signed off / merged
#1567588 Wishlist: Make opensrf_core.xml.example have sed-able password fields Replaced pullrequest with needsrepatch
#1574141 Expose* by contact value signed off
#1610246 "Classic Circulation View" PINES reporting source providing inaccurate counts merged
#1612752 Feature Request: Cancel Transits, Don't Delete Them Partial sign-off, fix pushed
#1616501 Stop waiting for method response when browser disconnects
#1618949 webclient: Patron registration form and copy editor do not require stat cat fields configured to be required Merged
#1619703 Support moving ACQ lineitems to alternate bib record
#1628639 Wishlist: Improvements to Classic Item List source commented
#1631026 Patron Registration: Circ is behind desk isn't hidden based on YAOUS merged
#1635737 Daylight savings incorrect due dates left feedback; suggested reaching out to open-ils-general
#1641208 Unicode strings stored by util.file can come back mangled merged
#1650807 sends new event ids to eg-pbx-mediator ack_failures merged
#1657283 Error with Recalls: Can't locate object method "workstation" via package "action::circulation" at line 181
#1659928 SIP is not respecting standing penalties for charge ok and hold ok commented on minor coding issue
#1664715 Hold ratio template that includes descendants ignores some copies Unable to replicate original problem. Left it open for somebody else to test.
#1666512 Missing billing types in upgraded systems Replaced pullrequest with needsrepatch
#1668734 Wish List - New action trigger for SMS Preminder
#1670242 Web client: Cannot successfully check in hold transit items Merged
#1672519 Make marc_export org. tree aware. merged
#1672775 Action trigger data grows quickly, would benefit from cleanup
#1672824 Action/Trigger fails to set complete_time on grouped events merged
#1673799 EDI: fetcher's check of duplicate files can be too slow Merged
#1677661 Hold Targeter V2 Repairs & Improvements merged
#1678638 Add some technical documentation for qstore merged
#1686194 Fine generation does not factor adjustments into max fines calculation
#1687971 Clickable Copy Locations in the opac signed off
#1689608 Patron batch edit functionality added notes about how to set up an EG system to test this successfully
#1689656 Adjust to zero does not work properly with negative balance on multiple billings
#1690468 Exclude Electronic Resources cannot be un-selected with advanced search filters applied Merged
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