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3.0 Feedback Fest #2 — 7 to 11 August 2017

How to contribute to the feedback fest

The goal of the fest is to give feedback on each and every outstanding pull request. Feedback can take many forms, including:

  • rebasing older pull request branches against the current master
  • commenting on the bug and the proposed patches
  • deciding if the bug no longer applies or (as might be the case with some XUL interfaces) can be left alone
  • testing and signing off on the patches
  • writing automated test cases for pull requests that need them
  • writing human test plans
  • writing release notes entries

While some or many of the pull requests will hopefully get signed off and merged during the fest, the primary goal is advancing each and every pull request by providing feedback.


During this Feedback Fest, a total of 43 bugs got substantive action and 17 of them got their patches committed.

Open pull requests (without signoffs) as of 4 August 2017

Bug # Title Comments
#1710010 web client: item status batch upload fails merged
#1709932 can miss strings merged
#1708728 Payments sent to Stripe can be off by one cent wrote patch
#1708291 webstaff: serials module
#1706415 web client: usability with some menus at bottom of screen Feedback provided
#1706365 web client: cursor for record menu items should be a pointer merged
#1706107 Offline mode for the Web Client discussion of implementation options
#1705524 Honor timezone of the acting library where appropriate merged
#1704873 Webstaff item print labels merged
#1702968 Mark Item Damaged feature fails on aged circulations merged
#1701001 Allow searching for a patron from place holds page in embedded OPAC signed off
#1699566 Barcode completion does not work in web client wrote patch
#1698206 Eliminate staged search testing and bugfixing in branch
#1695007 All-circs DB view could be leaner for real-time access merged
#1694529 Webstaff: Claims returned/neverchecked clobbered by edit in alt tab merged
#1693851 Hardcoded paths in many support scripts merged
#1691563 "Use of freed value in iteration" error during adjust to zero merged
#1689608 Patron batch edit functionality
#1688096 Popularity parameter for in-house use merged
#1685929 webclient: actions menu in checkin missing several options feedback and rebasing
#1684126 webstaff: some images are coming from /xul/server/... fix committed
#1681864 db-seed.po files need cleanup to remove duplicate IDs from generated localized seed data merged
#1681095 Extend browser cache-busting support for all stylesheets, JavaScript, and images in default public catalogue merged
#1676608 Copy Alert Persistence and Suppression Matrix
#1669534 OPAC hold request form should not default to an SMS carrier merged
#1668734 Wish List - New action trigger for SMS Preminder signed off
#1661688 Want easy way to clear a hold when picked up by other patron Feedback provided on default behavior post-patch
#1659928 SIP is not respecting standing penalties for charge ok and hold ok merged
#1655158 Patron Search by date of birth signed off
#1642086 jQuery support for the public catalog Feedback added, trimmed implementation proposed
#1635737 Daylight savings incorrect due dates
#1624443 Adding a duplicate title to a Temporary List causes an "Internal Server Error" pull request made
#1616501 Stop waiting for method response when browser disconnects
#1542495 OpenILS::SIP::clean_text() can crash merged
#1552409 Invent a page in the OPAC for redirection to referring URL based authentication on external services such as EBSCO
#1511742 webclient: Need ability to type to selection in in some menus Feedback provided; rebased
#1496522 Wishlist - Action Trigger for periodic billing statement commented
#1487123 Docs: Use asciidoc attributes for upgrade docs to simplify updating
#1482757 Loading records with located URIs should not delete and recreate call_numbers
#1480432 Staff users can have permission at a more restrictive depth than assigned via a permission group merged
#1463943 Re: Non-ascii Unicode characters in messages cause SIP client problems merged
#1463166 When editing copy level information within a selection list (in Acq), a Fund cannot be chosen or assigned. merged
#1411819 Allow patron renewal on max fines for some libraries, disallow it for others
#1378383 Previous circ history should always honor Maximum previous checkouts OU setting
#1353643 URI $9 displayes too many links in TPAC Feedback added (holding pattern, and assigned for later work)
#1335668 Change functionality of the ACQ transfer fund action
#1331174 Long Overdue processing needs org unit settings separate from Lost Processing
#1160347 Database strings not marked for translation merged
#1145213 bibliographic record merge pull request made
#1133464 Use cover image/blurb URL from field 856
#1098685 User can select SMS notify without providing a valid address merged
#1075401 serials: copy templates need dropdown menus for age protect and circ as type fields merged
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