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3.4 Feedback Fest #2 — 29 July to 2 August 2019

How to contribute to the feedback fest

The goal of the fest is to give feedback on each and every outstanding pull request. Feedback can take many forms, including:

  • rebasing older pull request branches against the current master
  • commenting on the bug and the proposed patches
  • deciding if the bug no longer applies
  • testing and signing off on the patches
  • writing automated test cases for pull requests that need them
  • writing human test plans
  • writing release notes entries

While some or many of the pull requests will hopefully get signed off and merged during the fest, the primary goal is advancing each and every pull request by providing feedback.


During this Feedback Fest, a total of 55 bugs received substantive action and and 25 of them got their patches merged. The following folks participated:

  • Jason Boyer
  • Galen Charlton
  • Bill Erickson
  • Rogan Hamby
  • Kyle Huckins
  • Linda Jansova
  • Tiffany Little
  • Andrea Neiman
  • Mike Risher
  • Mike Rylander
  • Jane Sandberg
  • Chris Sharp
  • Remington Steed
  • Jason Stephenson

Open pull requests (without signoffs) as of 26 July 2019

Bug # Title Comments
#1837478 Angular staff catalog recent searches & search templates Signed off; committed
#1837260 Angular FmRecordEditorComponent needs an "inline" mode signed off; committed
#1837059 Port Local Administration main page to Angular left feedback; signed off
#1836962 Angular: a few dialogs have misleading comments about their purpose fix committed
#1836808 webstaff: Add "Close" button in Merge UI feedback provided; repatched; signed off
#1835982 Angular: grid cells that use a cellTemplate aren't included in CSV or Print signed off
#1835620 require vs. use: Perl compilation errors in Storage modules signed off
#1834969 eg2 login page does not present a user-visible login failure notice signed off; fix committed
#1834665 Angular MARC Editor Part 1 -- Flat Text Editor left feedback
#1834662 Add date-time-select and date-range-select to Angular client rebased
#1833300 SRU incorrect nesting of site param
#1832148 Angular grid: deleting items doesn't update the "5 rows selected" message at top of grid committed
#1832146 Angular: org-select and eg-combobox get cut off when you put them in a ngb-accordion committed
#1831803 asset.opac_visible_copies is unused and should be removed left feedback
#1831785 angular: add automatic pcrud-based data sources to eg-combobox fix committed
#1831784 angular: fix formatting of dob (date of birth) field committed
#1831783 angular: improvements to org-select committed
#1831780 angular: improvements to date-select fix committed
#1830960 CSS colors needs to be broken out more for customizing follow up patch posted with docs and additional fixes
#1830912 Serve Angular material icons locally signed off
#1830749 increase minimum version of PostgreSQL for Evergreen 3.4 Signed off, Needs Release Note
#1830642 open-ils.auth.login fails when password contains percent sign
#1830424 "Retrieve last bib record" broken from Angular (eg2) admin menu fix committed
#1830391 Hatch omnibus circa 3.3 (Java updates and more)
#1830089 Adjust to Zero does not set item status to Lost and Paid
#1828456 AuthProxy native login fails if username begins with a number
#1827250 Holds not displaying in web client Holds Shelf
#1826584 continue past alert and confirm dialogs with keyboard space or enter
#1825851 Server-generated print templates feedback given; rebased; signed off
#1823983 Action triggers repeat_delay looking at unrelated events
#1823981 Port Permission Group Admin Page to Angular left feedback
#1823367 Angular staff catalog post-3.3 omnibus committed
#1823255 Optionally require ident_value
#1821969 Web client: Patron primary and preferred prefix and suffix do not display in patron summary
#1821950 Web Client: Call Number Labels should not be required in the Copy Editor
#1821032 compare_array implementation is confusing
#1819540 Web client: Show Clearable holds list shows holds that can not be Cleared with the "Clear these holds" process.
#1818581 Action Trigger for Fine Limit Exceeded signedoff
#1818144 Integration with OverDrive API (v.2) needed
#1817645 Configurable patron auth and retrieval
#1815815 Bringing lassos back: library groups functionality
#1815229 auth_proxy should have a "bail on fail" option
#1813191 Move calculated dewey ranges/blocks to their own reporting view
#1813056 Circulation History CSV putting current date in Date Returned
#1812241 YAOUS for when no 856$z is present marked as needs repatch
#1811898 DDC call numbers with long subdivisions not printing correctly
#1811696 Add option to rebuild reporter.materialized_simple_record to
#1811132 Wishlist - New Payment Type "Debit"
#1810296 Selfcheck: require password setting is ignored if set to "False" feedback given; pullrequest removed
#1809183 The angular >eg-confirm-dialog> ignores i18n plural syntax in the dialogBody attribute fix committed
#1806783 Offline: Non-cataloged types do not print description
#1805895 Bucket grid configuration updates do not save fix committed
#1803790 Re-alphabetize Local & Server Administration links
#1802682 web client doesn't respect Default Net Access Level OUS feedback given
#1802593 AngularJS web client has invalid lang attributes alternative branch proposed; signed off
#1802166 Preferred Name and Keywords Stay After Purging Patron
#1801163 SendEmail A/T reactor broken for recent version of Encode::MIME::Header
#1800871 MARC21slim2MADS.xsl error processing 755 source tested & feedback provided
#1800484 Money summary is missing on user Bills tab when no transactions are open signedoff; committed
#1799272 SIP2 Hold Items Count Includes Unavailable Holds
#1797973 Webstaff - eg-org-selector directive's input will stretch to fill page width
#1796945 Report templates cloned from those created on XUL client causing error or producing different results feedback given
#1796936 eg-grid row selection checkboxes should have aria-labels committed
#1795937 Replace favicon with new logo signedoff; committed
#1795906 Bring parity to the estimated queue position in OPAC and Record -> View Holds UIs
#1794884 SRU/Z39.50 results can include non-OPAC-visible holdings Signed off
#1790231 Subject heading link includes non-exact matches
#1790169 Web Client: Sort Priority not honored in egGrid signed off
#1789679 Supply subtotal and grand total rows in reports that use aggregate functions
#1788485 Batch Actions: issues with basket actions
#1788260 reporter: action.all_circulations_combined_types should break out non-cat in-house-use
#1787636 Web client: Libraries w/out vols/copies not alpha order
#1786552 LDAP: Bind user option
#1779319 Add ISBN subfield q to record summary. signedoff
#1778955 Use builtin array_remove() function rather than our custom version
#1778783 open-ils.circ.checkout.full log_me() uses legacy arg for copy barcode
#1778712 Docs: Replace screenshots in "Circulating Items" chapter fix committed
#1778063 Web client forms need autocomplete and autocapitalize attributes
#1776954 Zotero fails to capture metadata
#1775870 Web client - random sort order of spine labels in preview & printed out
#1775286 Web Client: Items Out - no colour to indicate that items are overdue
#1772680 RBdigital integration
#1770212 webstaff: EXPAND_WEB_IMPORTS = 0 no longer works
#1768869 Keeping auditor tables up to date after source tables change fix committed
#1768141 permission.grp_descendants should be marked stable signed off
#1768022 Webclient Holds Pull List Returns 0 Results
#1765434 Web client purchase order, browser refresh closes the purchase order
#1761222 Web Client: More Options needed for Holdings View Column Picker signed off and added one more commit
#1761142 Volume Copy Editor Changed Fields Hard to Discern
#1759864 Mark Item Damaged from Holding View Fails fix committed
#1756564 Wishlist: add booking resource types and resources to concerto data set signed off; committed
#1756142 Failure to display large report schedule/template folders
#1754110 Wishlist: Patron Reg. Field Label Override
#1752356 webclient offline : expired patrons should show date of block list download
#1752334 OpenILS::Utils::BadContact->mark_users_contact_invalid ignores additional note argument
#1748277 Patron Registration long Field Documentation display issue
#1747542 Circulation limit set test is not accounting for lost/longoverdue and paid items signed off
#1744762 Lineitems by Bib only supports filtering a single state
#1744341 Long-frozen holds skew hold queue position calculation
#1742523 Web Client: The Mark Damaged Popup has untranslateable strings signed off
#1741997 additional browse improvements
#1739277 web client: holdings view owning libraries not marked in drop down menu alternative branch proposed
#1735768 input fields in the public catalog often have no description signed off
#1731370 Webstaff UI issue in the volume/copy editor
#1731021 Enhance SIP support for fine item detail
#1729435 Web Client: Bill Full Details - can't save column configuration
#1728331 It's difficult to pull a single day's events with
#1717366 Web client- LSE Toggle off the patron summary sidebar after first view
#1715396 auth_proxy, native login fails when LDAP unavailable
#1713138 EDIReader unable to extract some vendcodes
#1712861 web client: notices column picker option not available in holds interfaces
#1711128 OverDrive API display of Always Available Titles
#1710293 Remaining chunk/bundle work
#1705302 web client: update description of receipt template include library settings
#1674364 html item feeds - cover art lookup based off of ISBN
#1672346 Wishlist: Reporter Copy Statistics View
#1634244 ACQ: deleting bib records does not check active/pending orders Committed.
#1616501 Stop waiting for method response when browser disconnects
#1616170 Not possible to create copy status without manual code changes
#1562061 Marking a Long Overdue transaction Lost adds a second bill to the patron record
#1560805 webclient: locale picker does not work well
#1552409 Invent a page in the OPAC for redirection to referring URL based authentication on external services such as EBSCO
#1523683 Offline standalone interface does not have a due time field feedback given
#1487123 Docs: Use asciidoc attributes for upgrade docs to simplify updating
#1474874 Consistent styles required for header text in web client
#1444644 Copy Import Development
#1441750 Go to string_agg (again)
#1437103 unexpected popup dialogs appear at checkin
#1424815 Wishlist: Add a “read more” feature to the OPAC bib record view for fields with lots of text
#1418694 ACQ: Within Selection List, "Save Items to Selection List" moves, not copies, lineitem(s) to another selection list
#1411819 Allow patron renewal on max fines for some libraries, disallow it for others
#1335668 Change functionality of the ACQ transfer fund action
#1325704 Correction to long overdue documentation and settings
#1170794 Deposit charged again on renewal of deposit item
#1133464 Use cover image/blurb URL from field 856
#1068287 proposal for new "pre-cat" EG permission
#1034058 renew items screen allows wacky backdating of due dates Committed.
#1017990 Possible to bypass holds placement limits via direct API calls Feedback given; pullrequest tag removed.
#1006466 action.hold_request.hold_type needs a check constraint Committed.
#741788 install in /openils/bin by default Committed.
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