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Staff Client Angular 5 Migration Notebook


Bootstrap 4 Notes

  • The Ang5-compatible bootstrap library ng-bootstrap supports BS4 only.
  • Version 4 is mostly backward compatible with version 3.
  • The "panel" is no more – replaced with "card".
  • Glyphicons are deprecated (and have license restrictions). BS suggests some alternatives.
  • The utility classes have been expanded

I. Follow the AngularJS Style Guide

II. Use a Module Loader

  1. Angular5 (well, ng-cli) uses Webpack by default.
  2. May be implemented independent of any Ang5 upgrade plans.
  3. Improved options for creating of JS, etc. bundles
  4. Can be implemented in low-impact phases.
    1. Phase I: Use webpack as a drop-in replacement for Grunt for compiling builds (and use npm to run karma unit tests).
      1. No application code changes are required.
      2. I have a branch that does this (plus Angular 1.6 – [pushed to 3.1-beta])
    2. Phase II: Start using ES6-style module 'import' statements for specifying dependencies.
      1. These ultimately replace <script/> imports

III. Migrating to TypeScript

IV. Using Component Directives

V. Upgrade with ngUpgrade

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