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Angular Staff Catalog


Develop a pure Angular (6+) staff catalog including all functionality from the existing embedded staff TPAC catalog.

Supported Features

  • Keyword, title, author, etc. search including all search filters, minus any noted below.
  • Identifier Searches
  • Browse Search
  • MARC tag search
  • Call Number Browse
  • Search Highlighting
  • Group Formats and Editions
  • Show results from all org units.
  • Facets
  • Title-level holds
  • Metarecord-level holds
  • Item and Call Number-level holds
  • Patron search from hold placement form
  • Partial support for copy/volume/etc holds placement. See notes in pending development.
  • Basket selection and actions
  • Uses new Display Fields for bib record display.
  • All search terms, filters, etc expressible via UI
    • No query syntax required for propagating "advanced" searches.
  • Record Detail Page
    • Return to results & navigation options.
    • Set Default View
    • Copy Table
    • MARC (HTML) View
    • MARC Edit
    • Call Number Browse
    • View Holds with Actions
    • View Holdings with Actions
    • Manage Conjoined Items
    • Conjoined Items (ported to Angular)
    • Patron View tab (shows embedded OPAC) [Evergreen 3.5]
    • Mark Record For… actions
    • Add Holdings (jumps to AngJS version)
    • Other Actions -> Add to Bucket (Angular)
    • Other Actions -> View/Place Orders (jumps to AngJS version)

Pending Development

  • Show Advanced Hold Options
    • Metarecord holds are supported, but it's not yet possible to start with a title-level hold then upgrade it to a metarecord hold just by clicking a "show other formats" option.
  • Copy Location Group Filtering
  • Entry points for Recall, Force, Parts holds
  • Basket Sorting
  • Option to disable metarecord searches
    • Hide "Group Formats and Editions"
    • Hide (pending) advanced hold options for upgrading title holds to metarecord holds.
  • Record Details Serials Actions Selector
  • "Exclude Electronic Resources" option / checkbox

New Features

Basket Export

Saved Search Templates

Preferences Page (Pending)

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