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 ====== Evergreen Bug Squashing Week ====== ====== Evergreen Bug Squashing Week ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +The goal of **Bug Squashing Week** is for contributors and volunteers to commit time throughout the week to the following activities:
 +  * Fixing bugs;
 +  * Testing bug fixes that have pullrequest tags;
 +  * General bug wrangling activities (confirming bugs, marking duplicates, etc.);
 +  * Pushing bug fixes into Evergreen (for core committers).
 +**Feedback Fest** is a week(ish)-long event with the goal to provide feedback on each and every outstanding pull request. ​ Feedback can take many forms, including:
 +  * rebasing older pull request branches against the current master
 +  * commenting on the bug and the proposed patches
 +  * deciding if the bug no longer applies
 +  * testing and signing off on the patches
 +  * writing automated test cases for pull requests that need them
 +  * writing human test plans
 +  * writing release note entries
 ===== Upcoming Bug Squashing Weeks ===== ===== Upcoming Bug Squashing Weeks =====
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