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Evergreen Bug Squashing Days

The Evergreen community has been holding bug squashing days several times per year since August 2014.

The goal of bug squashing days is for contributors and volunteers to commit the entire day to the following activities:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Testing bugs that have pullrequests
  • General bug wrangling activities (confirming bugs, marking duplicates, etc.)
  • Pushing bug fixes into Evergreen (for core committers)

Bug Squashing Schedule:

The next Bug Squashing Week is scheduled for:

  • TBA


The goal of Bug Squashing Day is to get as many patches created, tested, and pushed into master as possible.

Reporting Bugs and Leaving Feedback on Bugs

Evergreen bugs are tracked in Launchpad ( Learn more about how to access and use Launchpad from Mary Jinglewski and Andrea Buntz Neiman's presentation at the 2018 Evergreen International Conference: Open Slideshow

Fixing Bugs

To avoid duplication of effort, add yourself to the "Assigned To" field in the Launchpad bug before working on it. If you're new to contributing code, see our code contribution guidelines.

Need help deciding which bugs to fix?

Testing Bugs

These Evergreen bugs with pullrequest tags are ready for testing. According to community guidelines, each piece of new code needs to be tested and get a sign-off from somebody else before it can be merged into Evergreen

Testing involves the following steps:

  1. Loading the code on a non-production server. If you cannot load code or cannot work with a local tech person to load code, you can submit a request for a Bug Squashing Day Sandbox. Please note, the community will have a limited number of Sandboxes available and may not be able to accommodate all requests. Please submit your request early to give us time to get the Sandbox ready.
  2. To avoid duplication of effort, add yourself to the "Assigned To" field in the Launchpad bug after submitting the Sandbox request.
  3. If your testing finds the bug fix works as expected and does not break other functionality:
    1. sign off on the code or add a comment to the Launchpad bug that says "I have tested this code and consent to signing off on it with my name, [enter name or consistent alias] and my email address, [enter email address]."
    2. Add a signedoff tag to the LP bug.
    3. Remove yourself from the "Assigned To" field.
  4. If you discover problems when testing, add a comment to the Launchpad bug.

Bug Wrangling Activities

  • Confirm new and triaged bugs. Anyone with a Launchpad account has the ability to mark a bug as confirmed.
  • Check that old bugs are still relevant to newer releases.

Merging Bug Fixes

Core committers only. Bugs with the signedoff tag have already undergone testing.

Previous Bug Squashing Days

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