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Evergreen Documentation Needs

High level workflow for documenting new EG features

These are the high-level steps we take to document new features:

  1. Look at the task list below and add your name next to a task
    1. Need a wiki account? Just email for access.
  2. Review the release notes entry for the feature (or the details on the Launchpad bug, if applicable)
    1. It may need a new section in one or more of the official manuals (
    2. It may fit within an existing section
    3. It may only require updating a screenshot
    4. You may be able to simply copy the release note into the appropriate section
  3. Make corrections in any format (perhaps by editing on GitHub) and share with the community (via the email list)

Style Guide

EASY Tasks for New Contributors

Add Index Terms Throughout the Docs

Bitesize (simple) documentation bugs on Launchpad:

Pull Requests ready for review (according to Launchpad):

Documentation Re-Organization Clean Up Tasks

Add Terms and Definitions to the Glossary

Other Documentation Tasks


Check Sitka's documentation, especially when documenting older features: Regular Manual and Acquisitions Manual. Also, consider adding links to their YouTube videos.
There is also a rough draft of the AsciiDoc version of Sitka docs, (thanks Dan Scott!).

Undocumented Features/Changes, Taken From Release Notes

Many of these will be easy changes. Some will need no changes at all.

Copy the HTML code below to update the status of an item:

  • Assign yourself: <html><span style="color:blue;font-weight:bold">[your name]</span></html> ([your name])
  • Add a status: <html><span style="color: green;font-weight: bold"> COMPLETE!</span></html> (COMPLETE!)



Acquisitions Administration

Notification / Action Triggers

Circulation Administration

Credit Card Processing

Installation / Upgrade / Build / Translation

Other (or not categorized yet)








Self Check Out

Other (or not categorized yet)


Public catalog



Borrow from Shared Docs

Other Requested Documentation

  • Cataloging (needs to be reorganized)
  • Intro to SQL (Based on Dan Scott content) Yamil still needs to make some edits like proper attribution, and test that its addition does not break the full docs
  • Library Settings Editor - (Lynn Floyd, SCLENDS)
  • OpenSRF/Evergreen Installation Guide (two PDFs linked from email below, useful but need updating)
  • Archiving of Circulation Transactions (new section)
  • Addresses on Routing List (missing?)

Non-Docs Tasks

  • Incorporate relevant docs links into Web Staff Client screens (i.e. contextual help)
  • Improve docs testing/building via the automated testing server (aka buildbot)
    • Currently, the docs are built (HTML, PDF and ePub) whenever the tests are run (every day around 6am and 6pm EST). If there is any warning or error output, it should signal a failure of the tests.
    • Ideas to improve this include:
  • Improve the PDF version of the built documentation (ask community for usage, ideas, etc.)
  • Setup/use Google analytics to improve docs website design
  • UI improvements
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