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Index features in the Evergreen Manual

Each manual has an index, based on the contents of the manual.

Here's an example from the Acquisitions manual:

What To Add

The docs can be searched by keyword, so we don't need to index every concept. Our index is most useful for words or spellings that don't exist within the text. This might be synonyms, aliases, abbreviations, acronyms, etc. Some examples:

  • Add Org Unit Setting and YAOUS (stands for "Yet Another Org Unit Setting") to the Library Settings Editor section
  • Add Preferences to sections where only the term "settings" is used.

Adding terms to the index

Each entry in the index gets its own ASCIIDoc indexterm command, starting from the most general entry, and going to the most specific. Here's an example:

indexterm:[self check interface,audio alerts]
indexterm:[self check interface,checking out]

This will produce two entries in the index:

self check interface
    audio alerts
    checking out

Documentation files that are missing indexterms

Re-generating this list

Run the following command in the main Evergreen directory.

grep -rL indexterm docs | grep /.*adoc | grep -Ev 'TechRef|RELEASE|root'
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