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Evergreen Quick Starts

This project was discussed at the 2019 Northwest Evergreen Users Symposium and Evergreen International Conference Documentation Hackfest.

Andrea Buntz Neiman thought of the name!

The goal is to meet the needs of volunteers, student workers, and others without a library background who find themselves using Evergreen. Each quickstart consists of a jargon-free video and an accompanying one-page reference sheet. Ideally, we would have a quickstart for each of the most common tasks in the library. Each quickstart would not refer to any local policies or customization, but individual libraries could definitely link to them or adapt them.

Choosing a platform

At the DIG meeting on June 6, 2019, it was agreed that we would initially use Asciidoc and worry about how to print single-page documents later.

Asciidoc version proof-of-concept: example, git branch

When it comes time to think more about printing, here are some platforms to consider:

Pros Cons
Asciidoc easy to re-use existing screenshots, built-in version control, system for managing access already exists, review process already exists, open source technologies intimidating for new contributors, not built for one-pagers, less flexible in terms of layout, no visual cue when content goes over one page
Google docs easy and familiar interface for contributing, lower bar for entry Adds another technology for DIG to manage, version control might be challenging, contributors would be free to change things in ways that don't fit with our vision, not open source

Video scripts

Check out

Hello, my name is []. This video is about Checking out items in Evergreen with a library card. This video is part of the Evergreen ILS Quick Starts series.

For this video, imagine that a library user comes to you and wants to check out an item. They have a library card with a barcode.

To help this user, we will first click on "Check Out Items".

If you have a barcode scanner, use it to scan the user's barcode. I don't have a barcode scanner, so I will just type in the barcode and click Submit. [999999387993]

The checkout screen is the first screen to display when the record is retrieved unless the user has alerts. This user has an alert is displaying in red on the screen. Take a moment to review these, then go to the Check Out tab.

Let me re-try these steps with a user who does not have an alert on their account. I will click on the house icon to return to the splash page, click Check Out, and type in a second barcode. [9999315474] Note that this time, we go directly to the Check Out tab.

Use a barcode scanner to scan the item’s barcode. If you don’t have a barcode scanner, you can also type in the barcode and click Submit. [FIC400001583]

The item will appear here on the screen, along with the due date. When you are finished, you can click Done.

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