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Evergreen Launchpad Tags

This is a list of official Evergreen Launchpad tags. Tags and tag definitions reflect community practice and can shift over time. Please feel free to edit this list as needed.

Tags with asterisks reflect special community use, described here.

Tag Name Tag Definition
accessibility accessibility concerns & assistive tech (including screen readers, WCAG compliance, alt tags, etc.)
acq Acquisitions interfaces and/or processes
acq-admin Administrative interfaces for Acquisitions, including providers, cancel reasons, claiming, etc.
acq-edi Electronic Data Interchange, used in Acquisitions interfaces to communicate with vendors
acq-funds funds & funding sources in Acquisitions
acq-invoice invoicing in Acquisitions
acq-lineitem Related to line items and line item details in Acquisitions.
acq-loadmarc MARC import interface and/or processes in Acquisitions
acq-patronrequests Acquisitions patron requests
acq-po purchase orders in Acquisitions
acq-search Acquisitions search interfaces (line item/purchase order/invoice/selection lists)
acq-selectionlists Acquisitions selection lists
actiontrigger Evergreen's notification/action trigger event tools
addedcontent 3rd party content in Evergreen (Syndetics, Open Library, Content Cafe, et al.)
admin-pages staff client admin pages (Local, Server, Booking, Acquisitions, Workstation)
angular new Angular (as distinguished from AngularJS)
angular-circ bugs / work specific to the new Angular patron and circulation interfaces that are under development – this tag can be removed once the new development is rolled out
angularjs bugs specific to angularjs pages
apache Apache webserver used by Evergreen
authentication internal or external authentication
automated-tests bugs and feature requests for Evergreen's automated qa tests
baskets relating to baskets – used in both the OPAC and the staff client
*bitesize smaller and/or easier-to-fix bugs – good entry point for new contributors
*bitesize-doc smaller and/or easier-to-fix docs bugs – good entry point for new contributors
booking Booking interfaces and/or processes
bootstrap relating specifically to the versioning and/or usage of the bootstrap library
bootstrap-blocker should be resolved before the Bootstrap OPAC skin becomes EG's default
buckets-item item buckets
buckets-record record buckets
buckets-user patron (user) buckets
caching Intended as a catch-all for various types of caching issues
cataloging Cataloging interfaces and/or processes
cat-authority authority records & how authorities are used in Evergreen
cat-batchedit MARC Batch Edit feature
cat-holdingseditor Holdings editor bugs
cat-importexport MARC import/export interface and/or processes in cataloging
cat-itemalerts For item alerts
cat-itemnotes For item notes
cat-locations shelving locations for items/copies
cat-itemtags cataloging tags for items (formerly known as copies)
cat-labels creation and printing of spine labels
cat-marc MARC Editor, encoding, workflows, processes, etc.
cat-parts monograph parts
cat-rda Resource Description and Access, including new data & field use called for in RDA
cat-recordnotes Relating to notes added to the bibliographic record (as opposed to the item record)
cat-templates creation & use of item templates (formerly copytemplates)
circ-billing patron billing & payments
circ-checkin check in interfaces and/or processes
circ-checkout check out interfaces and/or processes
circ-holds patron holds interfaces and/or processes
circ-missingpieces Mark Item Missing Pieces function and/or workflows
circulation circulation interfaces and/or processes
cleanup general code cleanup for clarity, to reduce irrelevant log messages, etc. - can also be used for code issues that don't fall neatly into other tag topics
collections collections API and/or collections processes
curbside related to the curbside pickup feature
database relating to the underlying database (usually postgresql) and/or sql issues
deprecation denotes old code that should be removed from Evergreen
displayfields parts of the MARC record which have been extracted for display and/or reporting
design user experience and usability issues related to interface design, layout, colors, etc.
documentation errors found and/or enchancements needed in Evergreen's documentation
eg-grid general grid issues (see webstaffcolumns for specific issues with columns)
hatch the web client add-on that manages printing to multiple printers
idl issues related to the fm_IDL.xml file, aka the fieldmapper
i18n stands for "internationalization"; used to identify bugs which affect international use of Evergreen
install-upgrade catch-all tag for issues related to installation, upgrade, dependencies, and related topics that don't topics that don't fit nicely into another tag
integration catch-all tag for api issues and other third-party integration topics that do not fall into the sip category
itemstatus relating to the Item Status screen which is used for both circ and cat purposes
kpac children's OPAC
ldap Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, a method of authenticating to external services
linkeddata exposing library bib/authority data to the larger internet world via URIs
metarecords grouped records, also known as metabibs
mobile OPAC or web staff client use on mobile devices, responsive design
*needsrebase the submitted code needs a rebase before it can proceed
*needsdiscussion bugs or features that are in need of community discussion or input
*needsreleasenote the submitted code needs a release note
*needswork testing revealed that the submitted code needs more work
*needstest the submitted code needs an automated test included
*needstestplan the submitted code needs some instructions for how to test if it works as expected. We prefer that patch author provide these instructions when they open a pull request, but if not, anybody can provide them as a comment on the launchpad ticket and remove this tag.
offline Evergreen's offline interface and/or processes
opac public catalog
opac-account patron OPAC account
opac-autosuggest OPAC autosuggest feature
opac-browse OPAC's browse search feature
opac-carousel related to the Carousels feature
opac-lists patron OPAC lists
orgunitsettings also known as Library Settings Editor, or YAOUS
overdrive related to the Overdrive econtent platform and/or API
parallel-requests reducing the number of parallel or simultaneous API calls (e.g. LP#1896285)
patron patron / user interfaces
patron-imports batch importing / updating user accounts
performance speed, time-outs, tuning
perl issues related to the perl layer
permissions user and group permissions
precats relating to non-cataloged items that are checked out as "pre-cats"
printing printing (often, but not always, receipts)
privacy personally identifiable information and other privacy concerns
*pullrequest working code submitted & ready for review
receipt payment, checkout, hold, and other receipts
regression an issue previously fixed, but now reoccurring (usually as the result of a related fix accidentally breaking something)
release-process an issue related to organizing, packaging, and/or publicizing releases
reports Reports interfaces and/or processes
reports-simple Issues specific to the Simple Reporter
sampledata the community's test data set, also known as "Concerto"
search OPAC search
selfcheck internal patron self-checkout interface and/or processes
serials Serials interfaces and/or processes
server-admin Issues related to server/system administration
*signedoff pullrequested code has been tested and deemed functional by someone other than the submitter
silentfailure an error or failure occurs without a user-visible alert or error message
sip Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP2) – used to communicate between Evergreen and 3rd party devices (often, but not exclusively, selfcheck stations)
sorting catch-all for sorting issues, whether in OPAC or staff client interfaces
staffcatalog the new Angular staff catalog
staffcatalogblocker bugs that block adoption of the Angular staff catalog
statcats statistical categories, both item and patron
supercat Evergreen process that will return a list of record or metarecord information in various formats
supportscripts server / system support scripts
surveys Evergreen patron survey feature
terminology the use or misuse of specific interface terms, particularly where names have changed
testbugs bugs related to tests (system tests, not the act of testing)
transits item transits, transit-holds, and other adjacent things
usability user interfaces, user experience, and general usability
ux-buttons User experience for buttons (wording, color, hover/focus states, etc.)
ux-empty-states User experience for default states ("nothing added yet", "no results found")
ux-error-messages On-screen error messages (not console logs)
ux-forms Usability issues with forms (may be further subdivided)
ux-form-hints Form field formatting hints, instructions, and placeholders
ux-form-validation Form validation issues
ux-keyboard Keyboard navigation, focus, and tab order
ux-links Links, link styling, targets
ux-preferences UI-related user preferences
ux-sounds Sound effects
ux-styleguide Editorial style issues
ux-tables Table display issues
webstaffcolumns grid columns in the web staff client
wishlist not a bug but an enhancement or feature request (once Importance is changed to Wish List, the tag may be removed)
workstation Evergreen staff client locations
ws-settings workstation settings now stored on the server in config.workstation_setting_type
z3950 Z39.50 import/export interface and/or processes; including MARC Federated Search in Acquisitions
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