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QA Requirements for Evergreen Code Contributions

Minimum Requirements

As of Evergreen version 2.8, new code contributions must be submitted with test code.

Evergreen 2.8

One of the main goals for the 2.8 series regarding QA tests is encouraging developers to engage in the process and learn how to build tests. The only requirement is that any commits which modify code that has a functional test structure in place (e.g. database changes – see "Types of Tests" below) must be accompanied by at least one test that in some way exercises the change. It does not have to test every facet of the new code. We're aiming for one step beyond "Hello, World".

Evergreen 2.9

As of Evergreen 2.9, the test case expectations include:

  • Any time a patch adds or alters a stored procedure, pgTAP tests that exercise its intended functionality should be included.
  • A change to database or Perl code that fixes a bug should be accompanied by a Perl (t or live_t) or pgTAP regression test – or by a statement from the patch author explaining why a test is infeasible without significant refactoring. In the latter case, it is expected that an extra signoff be obtained before the patch is merged.
  • Bugfix patch commit messages should explain how to test the bug it fixes. For example: rather than just write a bare "LP#124565: fix Evergreen's cat-petting functionality", provide something more like:
LP#124565: fix Evergreen's cat-petting functionality

Evergreen does not do an adequate job of petting cats.  To
reproduce the problem:

[1] Bring up an Evergreen OPAC and place a cat
in front of it.
[2] Observe that a hand appears and makes waving
motions a centimeter over the cat.
[3] Observe that the cat does not purr.
[4] Apply the patch.
[5] This time, verify that the hand actually makes contact
with the cat.
[6] Expected result: the cat purrs.

Types of Tests

AngularJS Unit Tests

These test the Web Client apps.

Running the tests:

  • See the Evergreen README for up-to-date details.
  • Steps to run the tests as of Evergreen 3.1:
cd $EVERGREEN_ROOT/Open-ILS/web/js/ui/default/staff/
# fetch JS dependencies, described in package.json
npm install
# build, run tests, concat+minify
npm run build-prod   # may not be necessary for running tests
npm run test

Angular Unit Tests

See Evergreen Angular Development Best Practices

To run on a running Evergreen server:

cd Open-ILS/src/eg2
npm run test

Angular e2e (end-to-end) Tests

To run with a GUI:

cd Open-ILS/src/eg2
ng e2e

To run without a GUI:

cd Open-ILS/src/eg2

To run in Chrome instead of Firefox:

cd Open-ILS/src/eg2
npm install --save-dev chromedriver
ng e2e --env chrome # with the GUI
ng e2e --env chrome-headless # without the GUI

For more tips and documentation, visit the Angular client cheat sheet and the Nightwatch documentation.

OPAC Javascript Unit Tests

To run tests for the javascript in the OPAC:

cd Open-ILS/web/opac/deps
npm i && npm run test

Perl Unit Tests

These are used for testing Perl functions which can be executed without a running Evergreen system.

  • They are built using Perl's
  • Files are kept in the Evergreen repository under Open-ILS/src/perlmods/t/.
  • Tests are run with "make check" in the root of the repository after "configure" and "make" have been run.

For a simple example, see Open-ILS/src/perlmods/t/01-OpenILS-Application.t. Of note is the following section of code which tests a Perl function in the module:

    OpenILS::Application::AppUtils::entityize(0, 'èöçÇÈÀ'),                    
    'entityize: diacritics'                                                    

Perl Live Tests

Live tests are used for testing a running Evergreen system. They can communicate over the network, talk to the database, etc. To execute live tests, Evergreen must be running and the "concerto" data set must be installed.

NOTE: The "concerto" dataset can be installed when the database is built using the "–load-all-sample" option.

Running the live tests:

# assumes ./configure and make have already been run
cd Open-ILS/src/perlmods
make livecheck

For a simple example, see Open-ILS/src/perlmods/live_t/00-simple.t. Note how it's making API calls to the service.

my $ses = $script->session('');                                
my $req = $ses->request('', 1);     
if (my $resp = $req->recv) {                                                   
    if (my $user = $resp->content) {                                           
            ref $user,                                                         
            ' returned aou object'  

pgTAP Database Tests

pgTAP is used to test database behavior. These tests require access to an Evergreen database, but do not require a running Evergreen server or the concerto data set.

  • Tests are built using
  • Files are kept in the Evergreen repository under Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/t/

The "pgtap" package, which is not part of a standard Evergreen installation, must be installed and the extension must be added to your Evergreen database:

Install pgtap from source, the versions in Debian/Ubuntu are not well maintained and are from 2011 when they exist at all. Old versions don't contain all the functions used by Evergreen pgtap tests.

apt-get install libtap-parser-sourcehandler-pgtap-perl #Debian/Ubuntu provides pg_prove
psql -U evergreen [other DB connection params] -c "CREATE EXTENSION pgtap;"

To run pgTAP tests:

cd Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg
pg_prove -U evergreen [other DB connection params] t t/regress

pgTAP Live Database Tests

Live pgTAP tests are built in the same manner as regular pgTAP tests, with the added requirement / assumption that the concerto data set is installed.

NOTE: The "concerto" dataset can be installed when the database is built using the "–load-all-sample" option.

  • Files are kept in the Evergreen repository under Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/live_t/

Running live tests:

cd Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg
pg_prove -U evergreen [other DB connection params] live_t

C Unit Tests

Like Perl unit tests, C unit tests are used for testing code that does not require a running Evergreen system.

* They are built using
* Files live in Open-ILS/src/c-apps/tests
* Tests are automatically executed when running "make check"

At time of writing, there is no equivalent to "live" tests for C code.

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