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Contributing Code FAQs

  • What version control system do you use?
    • We use git at and offer access to the "working" Evergreen repository to anyone who sends in an SSH key. We ask that you create "topic branches" based against main for each feature you want to contribute and keep them separated, if you can. Also, please open a bug at and point at your branch when you're ready to have it reviewed. More info on how we use git at
  • Should we submit our changes back to the community as a bulk patch to the current version or would it be more applicable to submit each change we are making independently?
    • The *ideal* situation for the community would be for your developers to check code into a public Git repository and work in feature branches based on the Evergreen main branch. You would presumably be able to get the most rapid feedback from others in the Evergreen developer community that way, too. Patches work best when applied against main as opposed to diffing against a release directly.
  • What IDE do you all use for working with and debugging Evergreen PERL code? Eclipse, Komodo?
    • Primarily vim with a few folks using emacs.

Detailed info about Contributing Code is at Contributing code

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