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TTPac Customization Quick-start


TTPac utilizes CSS throughout to provide easy customization of various elements throughout the OPAC. There are two main CSS files with which you'll want to customize, found in:


You might make edits to the CSS to modify the color scheme, text sizes, buttons, etc.


The templates are the actual Template Toolkit files (similar to HTML/XML) that generates the OPAC. The different OPAC interfaces (My Account, Advanced Search, etc.) are broken down in to various templates which correspond to the different interfaces.

The templates can be found in:


You might edit the various .tt2 files to customize things like the header/footer links, or perhaps to add new code to portions of the OPAC. An example of this, might be to replace the FAQ/Questions buttons on the My Account page to include images/links to databases to which your library subscribes. The templates are also the place to turn to modify strings of text in the OPAC.


Throughout the OPAC, there are many images which can also be customized to suit your customizations.

Should you need to modify any of these, they can be found in:

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