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IRC developer meeting for October 2009

See also: Meeting Minutes for October 2009


  • 1.6 release status
    • Status of reported bugs (mailing list & Trac)
    • OpenSRF - we need to cut an OpenSRF release to match Evergreen 1.6 (but wait… shouldn't that be tested first? OH NOES!)
    • Translations - put out a call after 1.6.0, roll translations into 1.6.1?
  • Lowering the barriers to participation
    • There haven't been many patches submitted from outside of the committer team - are there things that we can do to increase participation from the rest of the community?
  • Bug tracking and QA
    • Is there general agreement that we should put out a call for a QA team: bug testers & wranglers who would manage the public bug database & verify bugs & build tests to add to the test harness?
    • Any interest in talking about non-Trac options? atz had mentioned self-hosted bugzilla; dbs has mentioned screw it, let's move to fully-hosted launchpad
  • Release process
    • miker's model of daily builds, automated testing, with each subsequent release cut directly from trunk?
    • DVCS model of feature development in separate branches, with merges to trunk only when the feature has stabilized?
      • Devs can do DVCS model today on their own branches, but would be nice to have a single repo that holds all of the branches - or perhaps at least a list of all the different locations that branches are hosted (github, launchpad, google code)
  • Acquisitions (based on the survey, there was a strong interest in talking about acquisitions)
  • oils_i18n_gettext, and all those untranslated things inserted into tables in without the pinned primary key values that oils_i18n_gettext needs
  • Future development
    • What's shaking in the near future?
    • Any long term projects that we need to start laying the groundwork for now?
      • Telephony
    • Status of Craftsman and continued support/development?
  • Monthly IRC Development meetings (re: Grace's survey to open-ils-dev)
  • roles
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