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IRC developer meeting for December 2009


    • (Bill Erickson or Dan Scott) Put the Acquisitions bugs reported by George Duimovich in Trac for now for later follow-up
    • Repke had problems importing authority records with Vandelay
      • Dan Scott to add Repke's records to the test datasets (Done)
      • Bill Erickson to test the upload on most recent rel_1_6_0_0 to confirm whether problem is fixed (Done - Bill had to set the autoheight column)
      • (?) Test on DIG server (try to reproduce); contact mrpeters-isl for help with server-side logs, etc. for debugging help
    • (?) File invalid birthday bug (reported by Galen) for post-
      • (?) Delegate investigation + fix to Galen Charlton (gmcharlt) as he is alleged to have said: “if nobody picks it up in the next couple days, I might try my hand at a fix”
        • berick: Fixed with new user editor (trunk)
    • Warren Layton (wlayton) to fix up Conify interface (Done)
    • Mike Rylander to share draft of release notes with volunteers (Done)
    • Dan Scott to help Mike Rylander with i18n stuff for 1.6.x (Done, although Python, Unicode, and polib in particular threw curveballs)
    • Jason Etheridge (phasefx_) to backport two fixes before release date (more relaxed “key” for oils_persist; bug fix for fleshing un-rendered list rows when scrolled into visibility)
    • Dan Scott (dbs) to add Warren Layton's export-bookbags-to-RefWorks patch to the rel_1_6 branch (Done)
    • Jeff Godin (jeff) to post to create wiki page(s) for new developers (provide starting point, point to existing resources) started, and post to mailing lists with update
    • Shawn Boyette to post call for a QA team to -dev mailing list to help refine the details
    • Shawn Boyette to make buildbot source publicly available, either on SVN's ILS-Contrib, or git repository
    • Craftsman bugs:
      • Dan Scott (dbs) to find Karen's documented Craftsman bugs and send to Joe Atzberger (atz) (Done)
      • Dan Scott (dbs) and Joe Atzberger (atz) to add bugs to public bug tracking system
  • - post-release?
    • OpenSRF release 1.2.1 (includes fix for ejabberd >= 2.0.3) ? Or given the volume of change, should we just package up OpenSRF trunk as OpenSRF 1.4 and start backporting bug fixes consistently in OpenSRF as well?
  • Launchpad. Working OK? Any changes needed?
  • Feature requests - use of Launchpad or other vehicle for tracking?
  • Translations - call for translations for 1.6; should EG launchpad be enabled for translations?
  • can we proceed w/ telephony (re patch to open-ils-dev)?
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