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IRC Developer Meeting for November 16, 2010 - Minutes

  • Date: 2010-11-16
  • Time: 12:01 to 12:53 EST

Introductions begin at 12:01 PM EST, Dan Scott (dbs) officially calls IRC Developer Meeting to order at 12:12 PM EST

  1. Mystery Announcement
    1. Congratulations to Dan Wells (dbwells) for becoming the newest core committer for Evergreen! See blog post.
  2. Review Action Items From Previous Meeting
    1. Circ scripts / in-db (in database) discussion has begun on the mailing lists. Thanks to James Fournie (jamesrf) for starting the discussion. See email on November 12
    2. Mike Rylander (eeevil) is still to move discussion on 1.6 release support to the mailing lists. Dan Scott summarized recent IRC discussions to include that will be the last of the 1.6.0.x line (barring volunteer caretakers) and is soon to be released.
      • ACTION ITEM: 1.6 release support
    3. Bill Erickson (berick) reports delay with follow up on the release of the KCLS OPAC skin.
      • ACTION ITEM: Report on release of KCLS OPAC skin
    4. Dan Scott followed up with SITKA folk on mobile opac and we are told by Steven Chan that new expected code availability date is mid-December.
      1. Brandon Uhlman (branflakes) asked whether SITKA's mobile OPAC will be a replacement for the existing basic catalog (slimpac), but both Dan Scott and Jeff Godin (jeff) remarked that it was too early to tell.
    5. Sharing about new serials information
      1. Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley (senator) informed there will be a document to appear before US Thanksgiving describing the alternate serials control view (with pictures).
      2. Dan Wells has begun some additional documentation, but is mostly notes about adding better messages to the interface.
      • ACTION ITEM: Review Serials Documentation
    6. OpenSRF next major release 2.0.0-beta1: 2.0.0-beta1 source Change log
      1. Major revision to Perl infrastructure
      2. Updates and polishing of Python infrastructure - including integration into script. Bill Erickson continues to work on Python bits post-beta1.
      3. Mike Rylander's opinion is that Evergreen 2.0 Beta testing will continue to be done with OpenSRF 1.6 so as not to unnecessarily lengthen the testing and time required before the final Evergreen 2.0 release.
  3. Evergreen 2.0 Beta Status
    1. Evergreen 2.0 Beta3 will be slated for release Monday, November 22.
    2. Mike Rylander says that things are really calming down, with the exception of the ILD2js stuff.
    3. Ben Shum (bshum) notes that there is facet breakage from upgraded 2.0 beta2 and will forward information about this error.
    4. Galen Charlton (gmcharlt) is working on some EDI stuff that is not quite ready for trunk but might be good to roll into 2.0 someday.
    5. Jason Etheridge (phasefx) has been incrementing xulrunner bug fix releases as they occur, within 1.9.2.x, as new staff clients are packaged.
    6. The WSOD (white screen of death) issue has been drastically reduced with improvements made to OPAC code.
    7. Dan Scott to have more authority bug fixes for the next beta.
    8. Mike Rylander requests any reports on success or failure of the 1.6.1-2.0 upgrade script be sent to the developer list and/or opened as a bug ticket on Launchpad.
    9. Ben Shum reports that Internet Explorer crashes on use with the beta1 OPAC. Will test with the beta2 OPAC and open new bug ticket if not resolved.
      • ACTION ITEM: Report on potential Internet Explorer crash using 2.0 Beta OPAC
    10. James Fournie mentions that their 2.0 test server is using PostgreSQL 9.0.1 without issues so far; they are not using the built-in replication/standby yet.
    11. Bill Erickson mentions potential OPAC speed ups in the near future. Ben Shum volunteers to follow up with testing / suggestions for areas to improve OPAC performance.
    12. Bill Erickson asks Mike Rylander & Lebbeous Fogle-Weekly about pcrud/dojo data store work. Mike Rylander replies that it's coming along but not for 2.0.
  4. Schedule next meeting
    1. Dan Scott suggests the week after beta3 release. Because Dan Wells is unavailable for Tuesday, November 30, the next meeting is suggested for Monday, November 29. Dan Scott will post this to the mailing lists / / calendar and any strong objections will be handled on the mailing lists.

Meeting adjourned 12:53 PM EST

  • Post-meeting: Dan Wells volunteers to lead the next Developer Meeting (unless it's on November 30). If Dan Wells is leading, Dan Scott volunteers to take Minutes.
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