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Developer meeting: August 30, 2011

Meeting takes place on IRC on the #evergreen channel on Freenode. See the Calendar for specific dates and times.

Held at

  • 09:00:00 a.m. Tuesday August 30, 2011 in America/Los_Angeles
  • 12:00:00 p.m. Tuesday August 30, 2011 in Canada/Eastern
  • 16:00:00 Tuesday August 30, 2011 in UTC

Last meeting:

Logs and minutes

  • Minutes will be supplied in this document after the meeting finishes.


  1. Determine the taker of minutes: ?
  2. Determine meeting leader: ?
  3. Review action items
    1. Discuss 2.1 status at next dev meeting and pullrequest review meetings; please also report results on open-ils-dev
      • eeevil has three bugs to open and fix
      • EDI may or may not be a blocker
        • ACTION: tsbere to issue a call on dev list for nominating bugs that might be considered blockers for the 2.1 release
    2. TPac merge: dbs and berick to craft a release-notes worthy commit message for the merge
      • Deferred
  4. New Business
    • No new business
  5. Meeting adjourned at 12:53

After the meeting, remove the agenda from the IRC channel topic.

Next meeting

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