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Next Developer Meeting

Development Meeting: May 1, 2013

Held at

  • 10:00:00 a.m. Wednesday, May 1, 2013 in America/Los_Angeles
  • 1:00:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 1, 2013 in Canada/Eastern
  • 17:00:00 Wednesday, May 1, 2013 in UTC

Logs and Minutes

Action Items from Last Meeting

  • Dyrcona, bshum, gmcharlt to test and recommend whether XUL 15 should be included in 2.4

Evergreen 2.5

  1. Release Manager proposals and election
  2. Roadmap

GSoC reports

Short status update about mentors / students / applications. The deadline is May 3.

Bug Tracking

  • Just a short word about Launchpad bug tracking. bshum has been thinking about making more liberal use of the series tracking to target bugs for various stages of fixing. Along the way, he proposes to remove milestones from being assigned to bugs till they are actually intended to be targeted for releases. This will cut down on the churn with moving bugs from milestone to milestone. He will work on crafting up some better links to show various bugs related to different series that are awaiting pullrequest review.
  • Action Item: bshum to work on better preset search links for finding bugs in series for review
  • Idea: continue looking for alternative/better bug tracking software

Release info



  • Evergreen 2.4.0 official release?
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