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Next Developer Meeting

This page is a placeholder for items to discuss at the next developer meeting, whenever that is. Cut and paste from here into wherever the actual meeting agenda gets created.

Action Items from Last Meeting

  • kmlussier and others to make time to test the latest branch (negative balances).
  • dbwells to work on display ideas for negative balance branch
  • jeff and csharp to test websockets work by the end of this week.
  • gmcharlt to cut alpha of OpenSRF the middle of next week (week of Aug. 4th)
  • kmlussier to move Sandbox discussion to dev list
  • berick to add an LP bug for web based circ client with notes on pre-reqs and a list of existing client interfaces that need special attention.


Release info





New Business

Bug Squashing Day Wrap-Up

Wrap-up at Is it worthwhile to continue scheduling these days on a quarterly basis?

Feedback for New Features Under Development

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