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Summary of discussion

  • Release manager nominations & setting election date
    • Jason Stephenson to email a call for nominations to the list
    • Election to be scheduled for 28 May
  • Release maintainers
    • Bill volunteered to continue as 2.8 release maintainer
    • For 2.7 release maintainer, we'reconsidering an experiment where Yamil Suarez servicesas a non-committer RMaint
      • Jason Stephenson agreed to assist
      • Galen can also assist when dealing with security releases
  • Developer update at the Evergreen Conference
    • Bill Erickson volunteered to prepare slides
    • Topics
      • new things in 2.8
      • numbers of committers & commits
      • security releases
      • documentation update
  • Web staff client update at the Evergreen Conference
    • Web client update slides by Galen
    • What got in 2.7 and 2.8
    • Sprint 2 progress
    • Upcoming for sprint 3
    • Patron editor Angular-ization
    • Day of Quacking
  • Release schedules
    • Ben Shum proposed taking advantage of the past two years' experience and writing out release schedules in more detail, e.g., including beta dates
    • Ben and BIll to draft a template schedule that incoming RMs can adopt
  • Cherry-picking vs merging
    • Jeff Godin suggested that we consider using git merge –no-ff for master rather than cherry-picking from working branches
    • Committers would sign off on the merge commits; the merge commits could also be used to store test plans
    • There was general agreement that this is worth trying
    • Jeff will send a proposal open-ils-dev
    • (also, we'll need to fix the pinesol Git plugin to handle merge commits properly)
  • Testing days
    • Liam Whalen will organize the first one, which will focus on SQL tests
  • Per Kathy Lussier, the next Bug Squashing Day will be in June
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